How Physical Items Will Be Tie To NFTs | GVAE With Tyler Hobbs

Elance From a Marketing Perspective is a freelance website that allows customers to solicit work from a variety of outsourcing services, which include programmers, designers, office support, translators, marketers, researchers, and many other disciplines. In marketing, the marketing mix consists of product/services, placement, price, and promotions.

Social Media Advertising Vs Traditional Marketing Campaigns

Does social media advertising really work? How can you balance the strategy between a traditional marketing balance with social media? A detailed discussion on social media vs. traditional marketing.

Email or Text Marketing – Which Is More Beneficial?

While email marketing has it’s place in promoting your business and driving sales, you will find another vehicle to be more profitable. Mobile Text Marketing is simple to implement and will provide the most cost efficient, highest ROI that you can do for your business.

How To Give Presence To Your Web Marketing Voice

When we start online marketing for the first time, new marketeers often struggle both their message and marketing tone of voice. How do we say what we want to say in the right way? The word “right” here to most new businesses really means “How do we sell our products/services to deliver the most profit?”

Building Attendance For Your Events

You are organizing the event of the year. What’s your worst nightmare? No one shows up. So whether you are organizing a conference, customer event or a tradeshow, it’s often what you do before (way before) the event that makes it a success-building attendance.

More Clients More Money – 8 Mistakes Coaches Make When Marketing Their Services

This article describes how coaches damage their chances of selling their services. Eight simple marketing mistakes. Easy to make. Devastating consequences. And the silly thing is that if you play to your strengths as a coach, instead of trying to reinvent yourself as a sales professional, you can easily avoid them all. You can win more clients, make more money and enjoy your marketing.

The Importance Of A Marketing Plan

In today’s world, the marketing buzz seems to be surrounding the internet much more than print media. For all the clients I deal with, I have to remind them of the basics of marketing before they launch money at any advertising. n the greater picture, advertising dollars can be saved by knowing what you are advertising before you decide where. Most companies can cut their advertising budget in half, and retain the same return on investment with a better understanding of their own business marketing plan.

Growing Your Business With Gratitude!

I know that many women entrepreneurs work really, really hard in constant efforts to achieve more. I am often asked about my approach to this.

Calendar Printing – A Potent Marketing and Visibility Augmentation Tool

This is the age of iPhone, iPads and other breeds of Smartphone. Within a blink of an eye one can download business apps. These apps not only help them to schedule and plan their processes, but also provide timely notifications.

Get Fresh Leads With Newsletter Advertising

Did you know that 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email? That’s why companies like eBay, Amazon, Zappos and other online stores put a lot of effort in their direct marketing materials. Their newsletter subscribers are their best customers and best marketers. More than 70% of their subscribers help in sharing useful content via email and emails with social sharing links has 158% more chances of getting shared. These statistics show that the odds are on the email marketer’s favor. However, many still fail because they buy an email lists instead of building one. They get a list that have already been saturated by other email offers and full of dead or inactive ones that pull their deliverability rate down.

How to Charge for Event Planning Services

Setting your event planning rates is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make when you start your event planning business. You don’t want to set your rates too low and lock yourself into an event that’s going to cost you money and you don’t want to set your rates too high to price yourself right out of landing those event planning jobs.

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