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Picking The Wrong Product: What Went Wrong With The Nano?

How much should a new car cost? More importantly, if you were a product manager in India where many people don’t make very much money, what would you price a new car at in order to create a product that just about anyone could afford? The product managers at Tata Motors though that they had the answer: the US$2,000 Nano was designed to capture the India auto market. Only, it didn’t. What went wrong here?

Get Your Back-End Together!

Too often, businesses focus on bringing in new customers without planning on what to sell them next. But “next” is where all the profits are made. If you lack a good back-end system, then you’ll suffer no matter how many new customers you attract.

Cost Efficient Ways To Market Your Small Business

Marketing your business can seem like an expense that only highly profitable companies can have the luxury of affording. Thanks to innovations that have made marketing more cost effective, you too can market your business on little to no cost.

Mysterious Concept of Mystery Shopping

These days there are a lot of companies doing mystery shopping for the purpose of external market research for organizations of the particular market. For any organization, customer value is of utmost importance. Hence organizations employ mystery shopping companies to conduct and extensive research about the organization’s customer services, quality, personnel or operations, discreetly and professionally.

Digital For SMEs 101

You’ve heard about it and think you know what it means. Now that you have read this far into the Digital issue of Marketing, you are more confident in using the term in day-to-day business. However, as a small business owner, do you have any digital marketing campaigns currently running in your business or do you believe that it’s for big companies who have large budgets to spend on advertising? Hopefully not.

Six Common Marketing Mistakes

Having run my own business for a while now, I have been fortunate enough to work with a cross-section of people, companies and industries. From my own observations, I frequently come across six common inaccuracies and assumptions that small business operators make when it comes to marketing. Surprisingly, the themes don’t change across industries, but they all result in lost income and unnecessary expense and if you’re on a shoestring budget such mistakes can be devastating.

When Big Budgets Don’t Buy Good Campaigns

I am having lunch with Geoffrey McDonald Bowll and we are discussing what we do to ‘win’ new clients. We conclude that direct mail is worth another look – get back to basics, do a smart, witty and intelligent campaign. Sounds simple, right?

Having a Spotter in Business Development

This article discusses Mark Wahlberg’s movie Shooter. It compares the use of a sniper’s spotter to having a spotter gather competitive intelligence in business development.

An Ad A Day Keeps Your Business In Play

The deadline for this column was approaching and I had writer’s block. I guess I shouldn’t be trying to write something meaningful on a Friday afternoon. After receiving a phone call, which created a diversion, however, the column began to unfold.

Plan Ahead

It’s time for the new financial year. With the first half of 2010 over, have you achieved everything you set out to do? Is your business paying you a decent wage? With all of these thoughts coming together around the ‘tax time of the year’, you may be preparing to meet your accountant to review your profit and loss statement. Hopefully it is not the only time that you review your financial results, but nonetheless it is a time to reflect on what they tell you about your business.

Hire an SEO Company to Build Your Website

If you are a business owner, you know how important it is to have a strong Website. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a website that people can find, you aren’t doing any good for your business. This is why it is so important to hire an SEO company to build your business Website.

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