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The Importance Of Trust When Generating CRM Leads

When you’re trying to generate leads, you’re trying to establish a business relationship with your B2B customers. That trust needs to be continuously maintained throughout the whole process and beyond. It’s also the only way you can retain clients and not have to look for new ones all the time.

How to Grow Sales Output From B2B Lead Generation

So you decided to put together a team of sales and marketing professionals to handle your b2b lead generation campaign. You might feel a bit too excited as b2b demand generation is one of the most effective marketing strategies ever to befell businesses. Effective as it is, then why are there a lot of organizations that still fail to get good results from this type of marketing strategy?

Simple System = Fabulous Follow Up Is Gold

Does any of this sound familiar? “Hey, I really want to be in on the next go ’round, let me know when it’s available, will you?” “I don’t have time right now, but I’m interested. Will you call me in two weeks?” “My friend is on vacation, but she’d love what you have. Call her next week.” “Get back to me on that, will you?” They want what you have, but not yet. They’re interested, but not now. They think they want to buy, but they want to think about it.

Google Places for Dentists

When patients search the Internet for their next dentist, the results that are available to them at the very top are referred to as “Google Places” listings. In fact, they are actually now Google+ listings. Since these listings typically come up above other search results, it would be in the dentist’s best interest to ensure that she ranks highly in those results to attract as many new patients as possible.

Customer Loyalty As Sales Success Factor

Profitable customer loyalty is usually a key in Business to Business (B2B) markets – more than ever in economically demanding times. In the search for resourceful marketing strategies for sales and customer retention, online channels continue to gain momentum. Leading these is email marketing with clear advantages as in speed, effectiveness and low costs.

If You Have A Business, NOTHING Works Better Than Texting

The most powerful communication method for a business is texting but there is a BIG difference in how it is used in different parts of the World. In the USA and Canada you are restricted to 160 characters whereas in the UK and Ireland amongst other countries you can deliver text messages many times that length. Many businesses in the UK and Ireland have yet to use texting and when they eventually do they will discover a huge growth in their business.

Creating A Brand Your Customers Trust

If you want customers to purchase products or services from you, then it’s important to make them feel assured that they’re dealing with a credible business. Understanding the following will help you create a brand that your customers both recognise and trust.

Why Your Business Can’t Afford A Cheap Website

How valuable is the design of your website? How much would you be willing to pay to create an enviable first impression? Your site is a virtual representation of what your business is about, regardless whether it exists physically or not…

How Important Is Demographics for Your Business?

You probably hear about the word often, but do you know what “demographics” means? Demographics are the statistical component of marketing that is used to identify population segments through specific traits and characteristics.

Changing Your Business Name? Four Ways to Let Current Clients Know What’s Coming

If your business is expanding and you have started to offer additional services, some business owners feel their current company name will not be sufficient to communicate what they do. This makes them want to change the company name so it better reflects the new services too and not just the original offerings.

Office Solutions for People Not Ready to Rent Space

Do you see clients in person to provide your services? Some people are comfortable meeting clients in their home. Others find this awkward or inappropriate for a variety of reasons.

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