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How Do You Promote Your Business? Answer: Promotional Marketing

You know that you need great marketing to get your company and its product and services in front of your target market or ideal customer. Creating an effective promotional marketing program will lead customers right to your door, website, inbox, or phone and entice them to purchase what you have to offer.

Finding Your Target Market For Your Business

Finding your target market is difficult and there are many articles out there on this topic. This article will hopefully provide some unique perspectives into finding your market without sounding too repetitive.

Simple Ways to Become a More Effective Marketer

When you develop your content marketing materials, are you writing with your target audience as your absolute number one priority? If you aren’t doing that, it is time to focus on your audience and to put them first.

Effective Tips to Choosing Promotional Lanyards

Choosing promotional lanyards is not a quick and easy process. This process requires time and consideration, paying close attention to detail to ensure you choose the right match to meet your company’s marketing goals and objectives moving forward.

Benefits of Promotional Pens

Promotional pens have been used by companies to boost branding for many years. This is one of the promotional products that never seems to go out of fashion and companies are enjoying the rewards of their efforts each and every day.

Why You Should Focus on Conversions Not Traffic

Traffic to your website is important, but not as important as conversions. This article tells you why and shows you how you can redress the balance and boost your conversion rate.

Tips When Purchasing Custom Wristbands

Custom wristbands are very popular, lightweight and easy-to-wear items with a variety of purposes. They can be used at fundraisers and non-profit organizations as a simple and effective tool to raise both fund and awareness.

5 Ways to Boost Your Biz Organically

Before I start out, let’s be clear: we’re all in business in some form or another, whether we’re business owners or individuals seeking opportunity. Gaining traction, traffic, attention, and followers doesn’t have to be expensive, and putting your best foot forward in order to showcase your talents and make moves doesn’t have to be an agonizing process. Here are five easy ways to get some extra mileage out of things you’re likely already doing:

How Custom Window Graphics Can Elevate Your Business

Point of sale marketing begins with your store front. Custom window graphics can help elevate your business by driving more traffic and establishing immediate recognition with your customers.

What Can Product Managers Learn From Dating Apps?

I can only speak for myself, but during the course of my career I have been the product manager for a number of very boring applications. You know, business-to-business stuff. Back in the day as I worked on my product development definition, how I dreamed of being responsible for a product that had millions of users and was associated with something that was more interesting. It turns out that this dream has now come true for a large number of product managers out there: they are responsible for dating apps. This market is growing and making your app successful has become very hard to do!

Get Your Marketing Up To Speed So You Can Compete

I’ve been writing a lot about the massive changes happening in philanthropy. Competition is no longer a dirty word for nonprofits. Frankly, it should never have been.

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