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Top Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business in 2014

This article outlines innovative strategies and trends businesses can implement into their marketing plans for 2014. These tips can help grow a business, reach more potential customers, and increase sales.

5 Steps to Lean Production

Implementing lean has become very vital for any manufacturing organisation from the point of view of reducing waste and increasing value for the customer. But implementation of lean production strategies must be done in an organized stepwise manner to yield maximum results.

How to Sell Your Blog

Setting up a blog and promoting it is quite an elaborate process. This project has a multifaceted learning curve. You have to deal with the creative, technical and production line aspects of the blog. However, the most taxing might be handling the monetization or economical aspect of the blog. This is the most taxing when months of continued efforts only yield a less than satisfactory monetizing result with 15 – 20 dollars in your Ad-sense account at the end of the month.

What Is Pink Spoon Marketing?

When your target market gets to know you through the Pink Spoon, then they will like you and learn to trust you. This is why it is important to have a Pink Spoon that is enticing to your target market. It should address something that your target market has a problem with or is looking for a solution to.

The Top 3 People to Reach Out to Grow Your Business

There are 3 key people that are vital to your business growth. It is important to have a system in place to reach out to all 3 of these people. When you reach out on an ongoing basis, you will increase your client retention, referrals, and sales conversions.

Countering the TurboTax Threat

According to an article in The Motley Fool: Intuit reported TurboTax sales grew nearly 30% last year. Another interesting article in posts comments like this one from people who are “experimenting” with TurboTax in their article: “Most Popular Tax Preparation Tool: TurboTax”: “Man, we paid an accountant $300 one year because we were SURE we were missing something.

Marketing’s Dirty Little Secret, It’s All About the Feel Man!

Bob Marley said it best. In 1979, he was on top of the world, taking his Reggae music from the favelas of Kingston in Jamaica, to the tops of the charts globally.

Experiential Marketing – Plans and Strategies

Do you want to make long-lasting and direct connections between consumers and brands? How will your customers experience the benefits related to your product or service? Are you looking for ways to create a positive and memorable experience related to your brand?

Stop, Look and Listen: The Use of Visuals on Your New Business Call

Sales training, sales gurus, theorists and so forth have all attempted to create effective calling techniques and scripts. There is no magic answer to making a ‘perfect new business call’. But I may have stumbled along one that may help – getting the ‘listener’ to view your businesses webpage whilst you chat away.

Five Reasons Why Business Videos Fail

Ever wondered why business videos fail to reach the correct audience or get the right message across? Here are five common problems you should be aware of when planning to use video for business.

How Product Managers Can Get Their Customers To Trust Them

In our relationships with other people, one of the most basic things that we generally spend no time thinking about is the issue of trust. Without trust, there really can’t be any relationship. In order for our product to be a success, we need to find a way to get our customers to trust us also…

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