How to Connect Google Search Console to Google Data Studio

Does Your Business Card Over-Sell?

If someone who has never met you is given your card, they must be able to determine who you are and how you can help them. “”Fred Mertz, Plumber” might work, but it doesn’t convey what you can do for them. “Fred Mertz, Toilets Fixed, Drips Stopped, on Time and Guaranteed”, says a whole lot more.

Business Cards 101 – Size and Color

If you do all your business on-line and never confront a customer or prospect face to face, you may not need a business card. But, there are many reasons to have a card, even if you think you may not need one. Without a card you stand no chance of winning the free meal drawn from the fishbowl at the local eatery.

Successful Marketing As A Private Investigator

Having all of the right parts in your marketing process set up in advance is the key to marketing as a Private Investigator, and if built correctly, can help you become quite successful. The first part of the marketing process is the content on your website.

Cards – A Business’ Best Tool

Cards can be an effective tool in establishing both a personal and business relationship. By combining tried and true marketing concepts with the time honored tradition of sending cards for holiday’s and other special days, a company can expand its reach and solidify its reputation.

Concepts First, Details Last

When building your business, concepts should always come first. Don’t let yourself get bogged down in details, or you may never get started.

The Basics of Building a Business

There are only three real ways to build a business. In this article, I’ll outline those ways, and show you how to achieve them.

Mobile SEO – A Strategic Way for Online Marketing

Today’s modernized technology paved the way for mobile browsing as a perfect moderator for online businesses. Whatever is a business’s model of organization, mobile SEO marketing has been really helpful with regards to marketing products and services in the internet.

Useful Pointers For A Successful Online Video Marketing

Online video marketing has gained immense popularity in the past few years. While businesses across the world try hard to leverage from free online video sharing sites to upload their videos, it has become critical to consider certain aspects to make online video marketing successful. In this article, we’re going to discuss a few handy tips that would help you get maximum benefit from online video marketing.

7 Money Making Facts Most Marketers Don’t Know

Amazing, but true: most marketers go about things in a way guaranteed to get them fewer sales. Have a look at these seven tips. Too many either ignore these or just plain don’t know about them. Use any of them and you’re sure to get better results.

Talking Advertisements

We’ve all established the fact that when it comes to advertising “word of mouth” advertising is perhaps the building blocks for your brand. You can have a great product or service, but if people haven’t heard about it, well then it’s no good.

A Beginner’s Guide To Trade Show Display Designs

Trade show display designs should not only reflect your brand image, they should demonstrate to attendees exactly why your company is the solution to their problem. Asking a few questions can help you develop a compelling trade show display design that will address their concerns.

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