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Dealing With Your Marketing Needs

Many small business owners find that they are required to carry out multiple roles within the business. This seems to go with the territory, although it’s fair to say that some do find it frustrating. If you spend all of your time trying to fight fires, then you may discover that you’re unable to have the desired impact.

Moral and Ethical Decision Making and Risk Management

Risk management has the end goal of allowing the individual to better assess a difficult situation by allowing us to reach a well informed and carefully weighed decision when faced with certain risk factors. While the severity of certain risks can be calculated with mathematical formulae that can help in the decision process, though, most often than not, these techniques usually prove false and thus are useless.

Writing Is the New Talking

Writing used to be reserved for school work only and the occasional card to a friend. However with the advent of the internet everyone is writing their thoughts and finding it enjoyable. Put a group of teenagers in a room and invariably they will begin writing or texting to each other instead of speaking. It is acceptable then in our lifetime that writing, whether article writing or texting, has become the accepted method of communicatio

Content Marketing Guide to Graphics and Photography

Great content marketing is about more than just writing. While copy is certainly the lynchpin of quality marketing content, its effectiveness can be dramatically improved through design and photography. When used strategically, these tools can clarify complex information, highlight important information and even add emotion and drama to the dullest business topics.

A Solid Infrastructure Is Crucial to Successful Marketing

A new business must build a strong infrastructure before it can begin actively marketing to its prospects. To do otherwise invites problems and possible business closure.

Mobile Marketing Research: Mall Intercepts, Right Here, Right Now

Research sciences have always cited field studies and surveys as being important methods in data collection, and in marketing research, one way of getting consumer feedback is by interviewing consumers right in the place where they do their shopping, or mall intercepts, as it is termed. A mall intercept is a type of survey conducted in the premises of a shopping complex, and involves stopping the shoppers and selecting them based on their suitability to the marketing research or survey.

Why Your Small Business Marketing Success Depends on Matt Damon

There are plenty of ways to market a small business. But I prefer direct response marketing since it’s easily trackable to your bottom line. So always, inside this article you’ll see a simple marketing idea based around a classic line uttered by Matt Damon in the movie “Good Will Hunting”. Enjoy.

The Best Marketing Advice I Ever Received!

Many years ago I attended a marketing seminar put on by a self-made marketing guru and entrepreneur. I have to admit, this was a seminar I reluctantly attended. If you are like me, I used to look at these invitations to these things as a nuisance, and not an opportunity. So, as a favor to a friend, I attended the half-day seminar with him. After 5 minutes into the day, I knew it was well worth my time. You see, I received a lesson that I have never forgotten. Something so simple, so valuable, that it has served me faithfully for my business and my client’s businesses for all these years. And it is something we overlook every day when we put together a new marketing campaign. It’s also something we overlook when we are developing our marketing plans.

Why Shipping Software Is Crucial in Modern Maritime Industry

Liner vessels carry more than 60 percent of cargoes transported by sea each year. Transporting these cargoes involves a network of ships, trucks, and trains moving through several transfer points known as intermodal connectors. Any problem or disruption anywhere in the network can result in shipment delays and increased costs – issues that hurt many shipping companies even until now. Eliminating such problems is the reason why more and more liner ship operators invest in liner shipping software.

Be It B2B Software Or Software Lead Generation, Only Embrace Change That Matters!

Change isn’t always good. Sometimes when people are so eager to try something they deem new and revolutionary, they blindly ignore the challenges and dangers. Whether you’re a software firm discerning a shift to the cloud or just looking for new ways to generate software leads, embrace change only when it matters.

The 6 Critical Keys to Increasing Profits and Driving More Sales With Social Media and Technology!

I received a call from a potential client recently. This call was different than most I receive. You see, this business owner was angry! I mean outright ticked off! He wasn’t angry with me. No. Not angry with his industry. He was very angry with new technology and marketing, and the people trying to constantly promise him the moon if they signed up for their service. The call went something like this…

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