How to Host an Instagram Live Event (or Facebook)

Why WIIFM Is The Question That Every Product Manager Must Answer

What does it take to get a prospective customer to turn into an actual customer who buys your product? When I’ve asked this question to many product managers I always seem to get the same answer: the sales funnel shows how long it takes to move a customer from prospect to customer. It turns out that they are wrong: your customer is asking the question “What’s In This For Me” and they ask that question long before they enter your company’s sales funnel.

Introduction to Marketing – Part Nine: Communication and Relationships

Introduction to Marketing – Part Nine: Communication and Relationships. Marketing is a versatile, crucial and ever changing organisational function. It is a practice that everyone should have a basic understanding of, which is why I am writing a series of articles focused on covering the basics for people that want to know more about this amazing science.

Website Duplication Helps Distributors to Run Their Business

Website duplication is the modern Internet tool provided by MLM companies to their distributors. With the help of this tool distributors can update their accounts and attract more customers without ever stepping out of their home.

Reach Out and Touch Prospects With an Interactive Marketing Campaign

The New Year is here and with it comes hope and optimism for new business, new partnerships, increased profits and overall business success. Some people may ask, is it possible to be so optimistic when the global economy is still in recovery and companies remain in survival mode.

The One Thing You Might Be Missing – Trust In Your Marketing and At Your Child Care

Looking at the topic of trust, it’s important for you to analyze your marketing, enrollment, and day-to-day processes at your child care, daycare, or preschool. This will help you to figure out where the elements of trust are being stretched or broken down with existing parents and prospects. This article will help you identify areas where you can build trust in your business.

Magnetic Marketing

In between winter storms this past weekend I was reminiscing about old college stories and retelling the antics and idiosyncrasies of old roommates: The good, the bad, and the downright strange. It was in the midst of these lighthearted discussions that I discovered a sublimely potent, almost impishly delightful marketing technique that I have for years taken for granted and ignored.

Attraction Marketing Strategies and Ladies Panties

Attraction Marketing Strategies and Ladies Panties Now I know you were attracted to the title if you’re here. Attraction marketing has been around for ages, we marketers just try to make it sound sexy to the newbies so we can sound cool and important.

Is Your Local Business Mobile Optimized

The mobile boom is upon us, as more and more consumers are now accessing the internet and social media on their mobile devices. Because of this local businesses need to shift their mindset when it comes to their marketing and advertising.

5 Ways to Market a Business on a Small Budget

If you were to ask most entrepreneurs what is the biggest challenge they face in business, the number one answer, unfortunately, would be money (or lack thereof). This article will share 5 ways to market a business on a small budget.

Do You Have the Best Domain Name?

Names do matter though when it comes to your baby, your book or your biz. I get comments often that people like the name Birth That Book. It’s clear and to the point. I help you birth that book. Conceive, create, deliver. It’s a joy.

Why Should You Try Online Classified Ads Websites?

Free classified ads websites are changing the way people are using the Internet nowadays. If you want to purchase, sell or exchange your old stuff, you can take advantage of a free business directory or a classified ad website. Companies also use these sites for promoting their products and services. In this article, we have tried to explain why online classifieds are the way to go. Read on.

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