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Storytelling in Business Marketing: Why Creative Writing Is an Important Skill

The marketing world is built on creativity; innovative memes with compelling visuals and information are the lifeblood of the industry. It should follow that the marketing industry place a premium on creative communicators, but this has not been true. Creative writing is often a forgotten priority in the business world because marketing directors are looking for technically proficient marketers who can produce the latest viral video or social media campaign.

Your Company’s Most Important Hidden Asset

Customers go where they’re invited and stay where they’re appreciated. That being the case, don’t ignore your existing customers: do everything you can to solidify and extend those existing relationships.

How to Develop Hot New Promotions That Drive People Crazy

The secret to coming up with the best ideas is to come up with lots of ideas. Quantity has a quality all its own — and in this article, I’ll show you how to tap that quality.

Creating Your Private Investigation Marketing Engine

Are you not sure where to even start getting leads? Are you receiving website visitors, but none of them are buying your services? Here’s what you’ll discover in this article: Places to quickly find leads to get your business going again, how to build value and set yourself apart from other PI businesses, and what to do in order to get a client to eagerly return to you in the future, along with their friends.

Why Science Fiction Is a Hot Business Property

Anyone who is a student of modern culture knows that the biggest blockbusters are likely to have a guy in a leotard with some amazing power and that the bestseller lists usually have a multitude of futuristic or fantasy titles. You probably know that science fiction is extremely popular in the entertainment industry, but you may be surprised to learn that science fiction is being used by many key industries like information technology and homeland security to help predict impending changes. The ability to accurately conceptualize what the future will look like is a resource that any ambitious organization should acquire.

Survey Says Marketing Research for Startups Is Key to Survival

Determining how to start a business is easy, technically. However, starting a small business that will survive where 90% do not in the first year is another thing altogether. A savvy startup surveys to purposely target a market and increase the possibility of being a surviving company.

Make Your Customers Chase YOU!

Desperation is NEVER an attractor factor in business. Rather than chase after your prospective buyers, arrange things so they chase after you.

Develop The Right Programs to Recognize the 2 Most Critical Aspects of Any Successful Business

Customers and employees are two of the most significant elements of any company. A constantly expanding customer base and the right people who convincingly bring in and take care of customers through their hard work, creativity and ideas work wonders for a business. Thus, businesses need to use a set of “best” techniques and strategies, well-planned & well-executed, to boost the revenues of their company.

Some Benefits Of Email Marketing

Even with the emergence of social media, email marketing is still an excellent way to advertise your products and services. Indeed, this form of marketing will provide marketers lots of benefits.

What It Takes to Write for a SEO Agency

People often wonder what is required of a person to write for a SEO agency. We will take a look at the skills required to be a freelance SEO writer.

Three Simple Ways to Explain Your Value to Potential Clients

Let’s say you are out at a networking event to find clients. You start having an engaging conversation with a person who fits your target and would be an ideal client. Then you get asked a question that stops you in your tracks: “Can you tell me how your coaching will impact my bottom line?”

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