How to Make Videos That Stand Out On Social Media

Pity the Poor Souls Who Buy Compiled Lists of Email Addresses

To begin with, compilers of email lists don’t actually sell their lists, they merely “rent” them to you, typically for a one-time use. Don’t get me wrong, not every rented email address list is a waste of money. There are legitimate organizations that occasionally rent the email addresses of their members – usually only after reviewing the content of the email a would-be renter intends to send. Publishers often rent their subscribers’ list the same way. Renting such targeted lists is an effective marketing tool for those who want to reach a specific audience. It’s the “compilers” of email address lists you should be wary of.

What Do Your Customers Care About, and How Can It Help You?

Summer is a great time to recharge and come up with new marketing ideas for your business or organization. But how can you find out what your customers care about, and how will that help you? Ideas here to try!

Are Your Marketing Requirements Under Control?

Marketing is one of those areas of business where it’s vital that you constantly ensure that you are making progress. It’s important to realise that your competitors are likely to be investing heavily in their own marketing efforts, which means that it can be easy to get left behind.

Best Facebook Marketing Strategies for Your Events

Facebook marketing is becoming vitally important day by day. Both the corporate as well as the education sectors are using the web platform to promote their events, classes, and activities to millions of users in the online sphere. Smart professionals are receiving outstanding results when opting for a Facebook marketing strategy. You too can take your event promotion to greater heights once you get to know smart tricks to promote your events on Facebook.

Green Promotions: Tote Bags?

Environmental preservation and ‘going green’ are perhaps some of the most popular buzzwords nowadays, especially when it comes to commercial organizations such as manufacturers. Let’s face it, we have very limited resources on our planet earth, and we are quickly running out of them. Clean air, clean water, even land itself is a scarce resource now.

A Reflection About Social Media

I was born long before people had easy and broad access to personal computers. To make matters worse, I have always been late in getting and using new computer technology and its applications. Neither had I ever been involved in video or virtual games, nor in online activities.

How to Up Your Gym Sales Fast and Easy

Are you looking for ways to increase your profit? Are you tired of using the same old method that doesn’t seem to work over and over again? Are you constantly having dilemmas in finding the right method for you? Have you ever asked yourself that maybe you’re looking in the wrong places? Maybe the reason why you’re not getting anywhere with your marketing endeavours is that you’ve been executing the wrong methods. If you want to up your gym sales, then first thing you need to focus on is how to satisfy your existing customers and not acquire new ones.

Small Business Marketing the Easy Way

Marketing is something every small business owner knows they should do, but when they get around to it most just scratch their heads and wonder where to start. But there are ways to market a small business that are both easy to plan and implement and, better still, are very low-cost or even free. Here’s what they are.

Engaging Your Customer Base

This article examines mobile technology and application development. It specifically discusses how to engage your customer base through their mobile devices.

3 Ways To Get Your Inner Critic Off Your Biz’s Board of Directors

Is your Inner Critic residing on your business’s board of directors (aka the place in your head where you make business decisions)? Here are 3 ways to get him or her OFF your board of directors for good.

Secrets to Successful Corporate Gift Giving

Giving corporate gifts that promote your brand has been a custom in the American marketplace for many years. A gift offered to a business associate as a token of respect can help open a dialog, create loyalty and goodwill, and strengthen professional relationships.

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