How to Master the Art of Communication with Cues – Vanessa Van Edwards

Creating Graphics That Command Attention For Your Trade Show Stand

Understanding keys ways to create compelling graphics can help business owners optimize traffic at their trade show stand during live events. Having a trade show stand prepared with visually compelling and informative graphics is a must.

How To Make A Product Video That Sells?

The emergence of network technology and computer science, and the rapid development of e- commerce bring unlimited opportunities to companies. For online companies, any information related to consumers is essential, but it restricts the e-commerce development due to search for extensive amount of data.

Dear John: Your CRM Just Isn’t My Type

As one of my friends said, “the riches are in the niches.” This is a key element many software as a service (Saas) vendors forget. It’s so much easier to make a specific group happy than every group happy. For instance, CRM for service professionals such as coaches would be monumentally successful. Our needs are different from those of my contacts with physical locations looking for foot traffic.

How to Build a Successful Content Marketing Team

Increasingly, both small businesses and B2B companies are using content marketing to help get the word out about their products and services. But great content doesn’t come out of a vacuum. It’s created and distributed by a small group of individuals-the content marketing team-who determine the most effective types of content and the best ways to distribute that content to the widest possible audience.

Benefits of Promotional Bookmarks

Why do businesses, organizations, institutions and corporations incorporate the said promotional bookmarks? Read on to find out what the benefits for promotional bookmarks are.

Build Tremendous Value Into Your Offers

To really succeed at business, you have to build tremendous value into your offers. In this article, I’ll describe a powerful way to do this.

If You Don’t Know This – All Your Marketing Is A Shot In The Dark

Over and over again I see it.. Recalcitrant business owners unwilling to spend a dime on marketing themselves.

Takeaway Selling

To maximize sales, you need to have buyers chasing after you, not vice versa. Takeaway selling is an excellent way to arrange that.

Business Card Design Decisions

As a basic marketing tool, your business card has many uses and is often the first image people have of your new business brand. Size, colors and content are all important design decisions. Don’t overlook the physical aspects of the card, either.

5 Key Tips to Market Your Business on Pinterest

We all know Pinterest as a fun way to share your style, find cool projects and just simply browse great photos. But did you know it can be a very valuable tool to market your small business? Not many people do! It can be just as important as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn… as long as you know how to use it properly. If you’re already loving Pinterest for your personal life, but aren’t quite sure how to integrate it to your business, check out the list below – we’ve put together some great tips to keep in mind as you market your business online.

Stock Footage Video for Marketing

Inexpensive royalty free stock footage video together with online editing solutions means that video marketing is now an option available to any size business. The stock footage and motion graphics which are available to download online can be used to create a stand alone video or mixed in some original content to give a polished look to any multimedia production. Also video as a marketing tool is increasing due to the quality and selection of royalty free stock footage available to download from footage libraries across the web.

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