How To Successfully Run An Advertising Agency Business

Small Business SEO: The Skill of Search Engine Optimization

When asked why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important for small business I only need to answer with the question, “What is the value of inbound contacts?” Not so many years ago the telephone directory was the go-to source for locating a business who could supply your requests. Today it is primarily Google followed in the distance by other search engines. As a Reuter’s Top 10 Small Business Expert on Twitter the author has a unique, and accurate, perspective at marketing online with the intent of generating inbound leads.

5 Rules for Effective Financial Advisor Brochure Design

Brochure design plays an important role in the success of your financial advisory firm. Your brochure sets the tone for your brand and helps potential affluent clients decide if they would like to do business with you. Here are five rules for effective brochure design.

Marketing Management – Value and Satisfaction Analysis

In marketing management, sales is one of main concerns among many functions a business looks into and ensures it is addressed, closely monitored, and well taken-cared of. Recently, Wall Street Journal reported Apple’s considered one very challenging condition that they’re encountering this year. Surprisingly, according to the analysts, consumers might have been holding back their money from purchasing apple products this year particularly on commonly used iPhones.

What Are You Doing To Market Yourself and Products?

I think we are living in some of the best days for anyone wanting to make a go at starting and running a company. The tools we have at our disposal is out of this world. The ability to market and do things for virtually no cost is crazy.

Identifying the Elements of Your Site That May Raise Red Flags With Google

We’re a few months out from the initial release of Google’s Penguin algorithm and many of us in the SEO community are still trying to decipher the inner mechanisms behind the update. Yet while guesswork and heavy research continues around the clock, webmasters and SEO designers are still able to use the information given by Google to improve their clients’ pages. Although not every page has fared well since the release of Penguin, every domain has the capability to remove those elements that Google deems harmful and improve their SERP rankings.

Medical Marketing Trends

This article highlights trends being used both inside and outside the medical practice arena. The medical offices who adopt current trends for attracting and retaining patients will rise above the competition.

Developing Your Medical Marketing Plan

Every medical office needs a medical marketing plan. This article will help you get started in putting together a marketing plan that works.

Getting Results VS Making Noise – Tips for Marketing Your Medical Practice

Simple tips that you can implement in your traditional marketing or inbound marketing practices. These tips are designed to help you manage ROI for your busy medical practice.

Four Powerful Steps to Dissolve Fears That Hold You Back

Do you have fears that are holding you back? Every entrepreneur experiences this at some point so there is nothing wrong with you if you encounter fear about your work and growing your business.

3 Steps Product Managers Can Take To Make Innovation Happen For Their Product

It turns out that being innovative is very hard to do. Good news – I’ve got three ways that product manager can capture some of that innovation stuff and apply it to their products.

Adobe Survey Unveils Shocking Results: Marketers Spend An Average of $92 to Acquire Traffic

And if you think that’s bad, wait to hear that 81% of the 1,700 plus digital marketers surveyed reported that after burning the $92 to get you to their site, they then do little to keep you around. I just finally got the chance to read through a research report put out by Adobe, the 2012 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey, which I took part in earlier this year.

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