How to Use Google’s New Bubble Chart for SEO

Point of Sale Promotions and How to Use Them

Using special offers and promotions can help bring in new customers. Direct mail, door hangers and printable coupons from a website work great to provide a way for customers to get these specials. Many of these coupons are designed to bring in new clients.

5 Fast Tips to Improve Direct Mail Marketing ROI

The statistics don’t lie- Direct mail is still very much a viable form in marketing. In fact, the ubiquity of digital marketing is not the death of direct mail, but instead highlights it’s advantages. But all the stats and figures doesn’t guarantee that your direct mail campaign will be a success. Whether you’re running your first campaign or your hundredth, these 5 tips can help you improve your return on investment almost immediately.

How to Structure Your Programs and Sell Your Top Packages

To attract clients, I recommend putting together three different packages. 1. A premium program offering the best value with a less expensive price per session. 2. A mid range program. 3. A low -end option that reduces the barrier to entry.

The Easiest Way To Have Success Marketing Online

Looking to change the future of your business with a couple simple little steps? Let me show you a way to change the face of your business.

5 Local Event Marketing Ideas for Fitness, Health and Wellness Businesses

Local event marketing for fitness, health and wellness businesses. Article discusses sponsoring an event, hosting a networking event, partnering with a nonprofit organization and more.

First Things for Small Business Event Marketing

The beginning is a critical time in event marketing. We are motivated and moved to make something happen from bringing people together for brand awareness and lead generation. Without question, this is the time to put together a few major pieces that will make the event process move smoothly. If done quickly, it can make the event better or more realistic for the hosts. These items are 1) defining the objective of the event, 2) who is going to make it happen, the decision maker/lead of the event, 3) what is it going to take to be a great event?

What Kind of Results Can I Expect From Implementing a Marketing Plan?

Start-ups and small businesses need to understand how different solutions are going to help their business in order for them to make an informed decision on whether to implement that solution into their business plan. As a home-based or new business owner, you may be asking yourself “what is the benefit of a marketing plan?”

Text Analytics for Your Consumer Research

Data analytics has become one of the most important tools in marketing research, more specifically because of text analytics. Text analytics has helped many organizations and businesses in making strong and sound decisions.

The Solutions Business Can’t Afford to Omit

When starting a new company, everyone has dreams of what the business will be like when it is successful. When you are a start-up, you understand that there are some things you would love to have but can’t afford. When it comes to marketing, however, there are certain aspects that you can’t scrimp on or remove entirely from your business plan.

Why Are Audio and Video Such an Integral Element of a Successful Marketing Schematic?

When communicating with a market, companies should utilize many different mediums. This helps to extend the reach of marketing efforts as well is appealing to prospects on different levels. Audio and video are an integral part of successful marketing efforts because they add a level of professionalism, enrichment, and engagement to any campaign.

Killing 3 Birds With 1 Stone in Social Media

There are more than one strategies one can use in social media that will still help achieve multiple goals. Did you know that a customer-service strategy could increase sales, lower costs and provide great PR?

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