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Is It the End of Snail Mail?

Snail mail or more accurately defined as the ordinary postal system as opposed to electronic mail was often declared, in the past decade, as obsolete or very soon to be obsolete. The fact is, not only has it not disappeared but snail mail has continued to be a profitable alternative or addition to electronic communication. How can that be?

Long-Term Marketing – Sow the Seeds for Future Growth

Long term marketing strategies are essential for the survival of any business in the world today. With competition high and marketing messages hitting the consumer from all angles, night and day, how do you get your message across and more importantly, how do you get your message heard?

An Overview of the Calls Through Call Tracking

When calls are identified it would be easier for the marketer to handle and resolve the caller’s concern. Call tracking enables the business to determine its lead.

5 Strategies for Marketing to Children

This is a very useful article describing the ways of developing a marketer to advertise to children. It is very important to know the tricks of attracting a child to buy that product.

Promotional Tablet Cases and Personalized Laptop Sleeves

Selecting the promotional tools that more closely relate to your audience is as easy as identifying the latest fad, trend and the like. Excellent for your upcoming conventions, tradeshows and promotional functions, personalized tablet and laptop sleeves are sure to reel in a number of your target audience.

What Is Inbound Marketing? How Is It Different?

Inbound marketing… the opposite of outbound or interruptive marketing… is designed to reach people who are looking for what you offer. And where do most people search for information, products or services these days? Online. Inbound marketing is today’s marketing. It connects your audiences with both offline and online messages, content and communications. It’s designed for how we all communicate today.

How to Attract Highly Profitable Referrals

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most ancient tried and tested systems for building a business. However, the quality of the referrals being given is highly dependent on how the referral was communicated. The profitability and conversion rate of referrals can be significantly increased simply by improving how they were exchanged. This article reveals how to improve the profitability of your word-of-mouth business by changing the approach to obtaining referrals.

Selling Artificial Flowers Online – Getting More Customers

If you’ve only been selling your artificial flowers, floral supplies, or foliage in a local shop then you’re missing out on a lot of potential customers. Every single year online sales increase – more and more people are buying online. This means that if you don’t have an online presence, you’re going to struggle. It’s going to be harder to expand and compete against those who do sell online.

Marketing 101: Becoming a Medical Marketing Leader

Within healthcare it is often difficult to know how to stand apart from the competition and grow a practice. These tips will help you get off on the right foot.

Custom Keychains for Promotional Giveaways and More!

Custom keychains make great promotional items to give out to your customers and clients. Because key chains are everyday practical items, your business and services can always be remembered every time they are used.

Marketing Research, When Global Met Mobile

A global marketing research company has connections in the target countries of the clients. They team up with respondent providers and send them a welcome kit upon registration.

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