Humility is the mindset 💙

A Key to Success – Mastery!

I take great pride in my commitment to professional development and continuous learning. I also happen to believe those practices are a great ‘anti-aging’ technique too, LOL! Let me give you my definition of Mastery and some steps to go from ‘good to great’ (in the words of Jim Collins).

How Does Your Website Reflect On You?

A large proportion of companies, consultants, professionals or even other individuals today have some sort or form of website. Some pay large sums of money to have these prepared and created by professional companies, or do so internally via their IT department. Others use one of many companies where you can create your own Website, and obviously that can be done and maintained for a far lower dollar cost.

Tips and Techniques for Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising activities will help your customers get a good experience while attracting their attention to the items you are trying to promote in your retail store. In case you may not be aware, 80 per cent of the customers’ impressions are actually created by what they can sense. As the saying goes: “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Branding 101: Designing Your Online and Offline Marketing Materials

Branding is the key to every business’ success today. Countless professionals also suggest that setting a brand right at the start of establishing a business will work effectively for entrepreneurs. Branding on design Branding is often seen through designs on webpages or logos.

The Importance of Backlinks

This article provides an introduction to the topics of ‘backlinks’. What they are, why they are important for SEO and factors to consider when adding them.

Why You Must Become a Ruthless Marketer

You’re not in business to help your competition. Instead, you must become a ruthless marketer, taking away as much business from them as you can.

How to Market Your Mid-Market Company Anniversary

Get a positive ROI for your mid-market company anniversary when you celebrate it with face-to-face events. And get your senior management to play a central role. Such events are a proven effective anniversary marketing tactic.

Use the Business Model Canvas to Grow Your Business

When you think of creating a business model, what comes to mind? – Your product/service; who your customers will be; your financial costs, short and long term profits; what your revenue streams will be, etc.?

Why “Selfish Marketing” Is Highly Ineffective!

Small business owners spend a great deal of time and money promoting their businesses on social media. This article explores common marketing mistakes, how to quickly correct them, and how to help your own business by helping others…

Business And Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is now a crucial part of business marketing-perhaps being one of the single most important aspects. Just how important is digital marketing for businesses and what are the ways best in which it can be utilised?

How to Use Eco Friendly Promotional Products to Fight Against Global Warming

The earth is suffering from many natural calamities. Global warming is one of them. It’s all because of the human’s wild act against natural resources. Imbalance in natural resources take the form of global warming. Because people took it lightly at the starting level, now it becomes a major problem for human beings.

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