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Two Simple Strategies for Overcoming Fears When Following Up With Prospects

Do you hesitate to follow up with people you met who expressed interest in working with you? Some clients tell me they have a variety of fears about making those calls: People might not remember who I am Maybe people don’t want to hear from me I might be bothering people These concerns cause procrastination and hold you back from contacting prospects who are “low hanging fruit” or most likely to become clients. The following suggestions will help you create new habits to get past…

Health Club Consultants Stresses Year – Round Marketing for Gym Membership Sales

Gym consultant gives a quick tip on year-round gym marketing and its effect on new health club membership sales. Knowing how to sell a gym membership is only a small part of the process. You must have prospects in front of you to have a chance to sell them and that is made possible by marketing.

Why Breaking Things Up Is How Product Managers Have To Communicate

One of the toughest jobs that any product manager has is to do is to communicate with a wide range of different people. When we have a new idea, a new strategy, a change to our product development definition, or a new product feature that we’d like to implement, sometimes getting what we want to have done (and why) across to somebody else can be the hardest thing that we do.

Middle Market Company Anniversary Events – Empathy Breeds Success – Things You Must Do

Successful events for your middle market company’s anniversary flow from a deep empathy with all of those you are trying to reach and influence, as well as from basic marketing principles. Here are things you must do to create exciting, memorable events.

Avoiding the Worst Direct Mail Errors

Many people who’ve tried direct mail are convinced that it doesn’t work — but only because they haven’t used it right. This article describes the nine most common direct mail errors and how to avoid them.

Content Marketing Is the Way to Spend the Advertising Budget

Sometimes businesses underestimate the power of excellent content. Like we say in the business “Content is king.” This is because everything that a person writes or has written about a business effects the business’s bottom line. Content has become relevant to making sales so a successful business must revert to the old days and remember that it is the customer that is giving the business the opportunity to make sales, after all they are paying for the employees and for the expenses to operate. How much of a profit made depends upon how good of a job is done at delivering the right message to the customer.

Creating Demand in a Resistant Market

How do you create demand for a product that an industry is resistant too? Let’s look at the example of Al Youngwerth.

Books – One of Your Best Resources!

How many of you just love to read books? I know I do. They open up the world to me and I can get lost in the pages of a book for hours and hours. Business books and autobiographies are my favorite.

If You’re Going to Be Representing Your Firm at a Trade Show, Don’t Make THIS Big Mistake!

Question: What type of trade show booth or exhibit would you recommend to fit our company’s needs? Answer: The answer to your question will depend a lot on what your goals are. Do you use trade shows to boost retail sales? There are certain companies that rely on trades shows, fairs, conventions, etc., to make most of their sales. This type of company usually sells a retail item such as cookware or women’s make-up that is not available in retail outlets, but sold strictly by independent or a company operated sales force.

The Marketing Wisdom of P.T. Barnum

You can learn a lot about marketing from the great P.T. Barnum. His most important lesson, however, may be to continue investing in your own success.

5 Tips on How to Write Copies That Capture Leads

Whether or not copywriting is a skill you are born with or something you can acquire is still up for discussion. However, whether or not you have the knack for it, there are some principles you can follow to make writing a little easier for you. Remember that in affiliate marketing, whatever you write has to convert to leads. Here are some principles to follow.

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