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Colours: Important Tool in Visual Merchandiser’s Toolset

Visual merchandising is all about influencing the potential customers’ opinions and impulse buying. And, the use of colours is a key element in attracting the attention of the passers-by.

Are Holiday Business Gifts Really a Marketing Tool?

Business holiday gifts are a marketing tool. What should you consider before choosing those gifts?

5 Great Reasons Why First Class Corporate Hospitality Is Vital for Your Marketing Strategy

As we’re all currently experiencing, business can be tough in these modern times of austerity. However, come boom or bust, the drive and ambition to generate new leads and appease your customers and client base remains as strong as ever. Essentially, we need to satisfy our clients – to work with them through superb communication and good understanding to help strengthen and build upon our relationships.

Getting Your Products Into Retail

Eureka! A new product is born! Created in your kitchen or the garage, it is your dream, your vision. It’s your baby. Now what? How does one go about selling the product through the retail channel? Seems easy enough, I mean why wouldn’t everyone want your product? Well, there are plenty of reasons, so proceed cautiously. Products are created every day – not every one of those products, though, serves a distinct purpose. For a retailer to want to bring it into their stores and sell it, it has to have a clear point of differentiation – be it a unfulfilled need or a pricing advantage. Without either of those, the product is not worth the hassle of on boarding it.

Top 5 Reasons for Online Reputation Management

Discover 5 crucial threats that can be avoided with proper online reputation management. Online reputation management is a process of identifying, monitoring and influencing the perception and value of your online brand.

Level the Playing Field With a Search Engine Optimization Firm

If you are the owner of a small business, you might feel like the underdog compared to bigger corporations in your industry. They have bigger marketing budgets, a bigger customer-base, and more resources than you do, so how can you possibly compete? How can you become the Mighty Ducks of your field?

Marketers Aim for a Globalized Digital Presence

In the digital world brands are able to connect with consumers and fans from all over the world with relative ease. The web and social networks in particular have brought brands and their fans from around the world, closer together.

Launch a Telesummit to Quickly and Easily Build Your List

If you are working on building your list, a telesummit can bring in hundreds of new contacts very quickly. To be honest, I don’t coach on topics I haven’t done before and personally, I have never created a telesummit. However, I’ve been a part of so many as a featured speaker and guest. So I know how they can really drum up lots of new contacts for your database.

Walk the (0)800 Toll Free Way to Reach High Customer Loyalty

Every company’s most critical assets are their customers, and no company can afford to disregard the importance of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Partly due to the lower cost of retention versus the expensive advertising and promotion, acquiring a new customer costs much more than keeping a current customer.

Marketing and Advertising Campaigns For Auto Service Locations

Any and perhaps all advertising and marketing account executives will tell you that the last thing you want to do is cut your advertising budget. Yes, that sounds a little self-serving because they are trying to sell you advertising and marketing strategies using their media venues, but in reality there is a lot to be said for that wisdom. You can have the best product or service in the world, but if you aren’t a good spokesman, or you don’t do enough marketing, no one’s ever going to know about it.

Influence of SMS Marketing in India

As India’s economy growth is at a slow rate, entrepreneurs need to look for cheap and reliable mode of marketing to boost their business productivity. In the last 12 months, India’s local currency has depreciated more than 20 percent due to weak economic and monetary conditions. Currently, small and large-scale companies in India are struggling to cope with fluctuating market conditions. Hence, choosing low risk marketing options such as SMS marketing is a safe and effective way to uplift your business in India.

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