If You’re In Your 60’s You STILL Got TIME #shorts

Prioritize Your Daily Tasks to Focus on Money-Generating Activities

get an assistant, the number of tasks you need to complete can be overwhelming. Since there are more things to get done than hours in the day, that means you need to prioritize what you are doing right?

Point System for Online Marketing

How much activity do you real do for your online marketing? Are you familiar with the point system.

Got Vets? Marketing Tips

Veterinarians have long been a trainer’s most coveted referral source. In the past, bringing by a basket of cookies from time to time and asking to keep some cards or brochures on the counter could assure a steady stream of new client calls. But today’s dog training business requires a much more substantial and creative marketing plan. For one thing, there are many more dog pros than there used to be and as the industry has grown, dog owners have been flooded with doggie brochures, fliers, and ads. As a result, it’s become hard to get their attention with such traditional means. Vets’ responsiveness has changed, too. Many are more discerning than they used to be. They want to know about the skills, education, and professionalism of the trainers they refer to. Others are unwilling to play favorites, allowing anyone to leave materials in an increasing mountain of business cards and competing messages. How, then, do you create lasting, effective referral relationships with veterinary clinics?

The Benefits Of Real-World Focus Groups

Real-world focus groups offer perhaps the best way of understanding customer behaviour, but have been superseded in recent years by new innovations. This article explains how conventional focus group methodologies lead to more nuanced responses, better interactions between participants and improved data for clients and researchers.

Racial, Sexual, and Age Profiling in Business Is Unacceptable for Humans – What About Algorithms?

You know I find it hard to believe that we educate our citizens to not stereotype, not judge others, and not use our minds to profile when we make decisions. Mostly I find it hard to believe because if we fail to educate people to think and reason using probability and logic, then they will be unable to make good decisions in their lives. All this while we are training our citizens to think, or rather not think, like this we are designing algorithms, and training our enforcement officers from local policeman departments all the way to the TSA to profile in order to catch the rogue evildoer anomaly.

The Only Way To Keep Your Customers And Keep Them Thinking About You

Life is busy. We all have a hundred things to do a day. How do you make sure customers stay with you and continue to? Great question and here’s the answers.

Your Contact Lists Should Not Stretch Company Capacity

While contact lists do not always translate into a list of leads, the resulting leads will always require more effort from your business. Do not buy lists beyond you business’ capacity to qualify and serve. Maintain close communication within your organization, establish data quality, and synchronize your activities.

How to Use QR Codes to Build Your Business

You’ve started to see them everywhere… those little black and white squares that look similar to a bar code, but aren’t quite the same. What are they? They are QR codes (abbreviated from Quick Response code) and they are two-dimensional codes that can be read by smart phones everywhere.

How to Get the Media to Call You

Regular readers of this letter know that on any given day up to 70% of all the news in regional or national newspapers, on television, radio and online is released, pitched, or in some way influenced by someone outside the media. Publicity is such a powerful compliment to traditional advertising that almost all major corporations staff entire departments with people whose only job is to get their company, product, service or executives in the news. It’s that important!

A Guide to Understanding Field Marketing Staff Terminology

Field marketing agencies will employ staff with a broad spectrum of skills. Staff are generally employed on a contracted basis to complete anything from a one off day job up to a month long promotional activity. These positions can be described as “Event staff”, “Promotional Staff”, “Marketing staff” or “Merchandising staff”. We will explain the differences here…

Three Wildly Successful Branding Campaigns

The branding campaign and brand strategy has the ability to transform a business or product. These three companies implemented daring brand strategies, and they worked out better than anybody could have imagined.

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