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Are You Stuck?

Feeling a little ‘blah’ these days? Stuck behind your computer, not sure what to do next? This seems to be the time of year when people are feeling a little down – or stuck – or have some ‘paralysis analysis’. Is that you?

Making a Trade Show Successful Through the Perfect Display Rental

To keep a business open, you often need to introduce yourself to new customers. This is often accomplished through a trade show, where the various aspects of the business are demonstrated through the uses of various forms of media. The best way to demonstrate your business to potential customers is through a display rental, which can be customized to meet your business needs.

How to Build a Good Business Image Online

Building a business identity is your first step to success. You can create a good reputation if you know how to represent your company in the industry.

Content Marketing Tip for Small Biz Owners: Create Fresh Content Every Day in Less Than 30 Minutes

As the owner of an SEO content writing service, probably the number one reason clients say they use our services is that they don’t have time to create content regularly. This is why you see many small business blogs updated so erratically. The trajectory usually goes something like this… content will be uploaded regularly for a week or two (maybe three), then nothing for a month or so, then a sporadic post or two over a few months, then — complete silence. Does this sound like you? If so, here’s an easy way to come up with fresh content for your blog, Facebook page, LinkedIn account, etc. And, you can do it all in less than 30 minutes a day – really!

The Top Seven Marketing Strategies Every Small Business Can Use

Be sure to keep your customers in the loop with good communication, announcements of good news and happy greetings. Become a trusted expert adviser and a valued friend by respecting and valuing your growing following of ideal customers. When you follow these practices, you will build a solid and dependable clientele, make some genuine friends and enjoy success in your small business.

Perfecting Your Target Market

Generally speaking, businesses target markets are nearly always too wide. This is perhaps a reflection on how positive we all are in and around our businesses. We want our products and services to appeal to everybody, so we naturally set our target market wider in order to catch more people.

Where Passion and Small Business Intersect – And How You Can Profit From It

The creator of Flip Video, Jonathan Kaplan, is now starting a chain of shops that sell grilled cheese sandwiches of all kinds. At first I thought it a bit odd, until Jonathan talked about people’s natural reactions to growing up eating grilled cheese sandwiches.

Do You Have A Customer Referral Rewards Program For Your Child Care?

So what is the simplest, easiest way to create a customer referral program fro your child care program? Follow a simple three-step acronym: EAR. Earn-Ask-Reward.

How to Stay On Top of Your Child Care Competitors

When is the last time you did a competitive analysis of your childcare marketplace and your key competitors? People who struggle in their business oftentimes take their ‘eye off the ball’ in terms of what is happening in their market. Before you know it, a competitor who has been working day and night to win clients has pulled families or prospects away from you. And you are left, with your head spinning, wondering: What happened?

4 Tips to Owning a Seat at the Revenue Table

We all know that marketing often suffers a lack of credibility. This is why we see CMO’ struggle with proving value beyond the softer metrics. Still, your marketing program needs to take more control of the revenue process and earn a seat with the revenue team. Here are some great tips for reviewing your marketing program to help you better prove ROI.

What Do You Want to Achieve Online?

Is there a reason for your business being online? This for me is a simple question to answer and my answer would be ‘The reason for being online when I am in business is that in the UK alone over 80% of the population are now online.’ There is a more in depth answer that could be given but it only adds more statistics to the mix. The answer above is short but gives the main reason for you and your business being online.

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