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Turning Your Brand Into a Product Title

How many of us use the words Walkie-Talkie instead of portable phone, Scotch Tape instead of adhesive tape, Post-It instead of sticky note pad, Vicks instead of balm to cure cold, Surf instead of laundry detergent. Walkie Talkie, Scotch Tape, Post-It, Vicks, and Surf are all brand names, created for recognizing an item, instead somehow the tables turned and now each of this name defines all items that belong to their category. These examples lead to the question of how to market your company?

Catching the Consumer’s Eye

Marketing is a means of promoting a product or a service to ensure that shoppers buy, and repeatedly buy a product to achieve a particular sales target, to at least, maintain a consistent revenue margin from profit generated on the items sold. The concept of creating a need, followed by enticing customers into making a purchase of a product just introduced, can be termed as marketing. The subject covers activities right from the stage where the product is planned…

Company Histories On Video: Adding Value To Your Enterprise

With the daily challenges confronting every business in today’s hyper-competitive economy, company histories on video can seem like an expensive distraction from the daily grind of making, selling and shipping product. And the payoff for the company history video is not cause-and-effect – like an engaging trade show display or a good volume discount or loyalty rebate. But there can be great brand value in a carefully crafted business history video. The “value proposition” for a corporate history lies in its ability to generate interest and emotional goodwill among clients, customers and stakeholders; and its role in celebration and reward.

Market Analysis Is A Must

Advertising can be tricky if you don’t know where to start. Figuring out who your customers are, determining your customer groups, determining your customer needs, looking at the competition and your pricing, creating a catchy tagline, and determining where to advertise are just the beginning. Market analysis is essential to ‘getting it right’.

Choose an Ideal Company for Medical Billing

Medical billing services provided by a reliable medical billing firm are a great support to healthcare providers. Use the guidelines provided in this article to find the right provider.

What Is the Best Marketing Strategy?

Is your sales team ready to close those deals? Are you plotting the right marketing strategy?

Search Engine Optimisation For Your Dental Website

Getting your website noticed on the free search or generic search engines is something of a black art, there really are not tried and tested ways to guarantee your website ranks well in the generic search. You can always opt for the paid ways to get your site noticed of course, but that means paying the likes of Google, Yahoo and Bing, so here are some tips that might help you boost your rankings.

Content Marketing Is The Next Big Thing For Small Businesses In The Digital Space

Content marketing has become a huge buzzword in marketing lately as people have mastered the mechanics of social media channels. But there also is a great deal of confusion over what content marketing really is all about.

How to Create a Viral Video Sensation

Covering some examples of great viral videos and why they worked. Including some excellent tips on how you can create your own video and make it go viral!

The Argument for Peripheral Marketing

If water is to wine then marketing in Business-to-Business (B2B) environment is the same as marketing for Business-to-consumers (B2C). Peripheral marketing takes a less direct approach by placing advertising and or product placement on the periphery of life and events. Letting it speak for itself while being Subtle in promoting company’s product or service…

How Promotional Products Can Help Boost Sales

Promotional products are an ingenious way to promote a brand, boost business, and increase market share, customer trust and employee satisfaction. The best and rightly selected promotional product has a greater impact on the customers when compared to other modes of advertisements through television and print media.

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