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How to Make Money on Your Product for Years, Not Months

New products are being replaced by newer products at an increasing pace. This means that each new product sells for a shorter time that products previously sold. This greatly impacts how much money inventors are making. How do you know if your product will stand the test of time? Will your product sell long enough to make back your investment or will it keep on selling so you can actually make money? How much does your product’s longevity depend on your marketing and how much depends on your product? Of course, some products only can succeed for a short amount of time, but with a well thought-out marketing plan, you can extend the life of almost any product. Let’s look at Shrinky Dinks, a product invented in 1973 by Betty Morris.

Ways to Market Your Business Using Personalised Print Products

Marketing your business to the people who matter must be conducted offline as well as online and personalised print products and stationery can ultimately present a united front when promoting your company in the public domain and wider industry. There are a comprehensive range of print products available but knowing how to use them to your advantage is the driving force behind the most successful offline marketing strategies.

Selling Big: Finding the Right Marketing Partners

Once inventors have a product ready to sell, they need to decide how to market the product. They might choose to sell the product themselves, which generates the most profit per sale, but the main drawback is that sales might get off to a slow start or never get started at all. Another option is to land a marketing partner-another company already selling into the target market-which has the potential for very fast sales growth, but the main drawback is they will need to give 20 to 25% of their sales volume to the marketing partner to cover sales and marketing costs. At first glance the 20 to 25% seems high, but in reality most consumer products companies spend approximately 20% to cover sales and marketing costs. Selling through a marketing partner may not be viable if you have small margins, but it is often the best course for fast sales growth for inventors with high margin products, where the product’s wholesale sales price is at least twice the product’s manufacturing costs. This article covers how to find a strong marketing partner to sell your product.

Landing an Inside Contact – The Easiest Way to Sell Your Product

Inventors will have a far easier time striking a deal with a marketer or distributor when they have a strong supporter inside the potential partner company. You want to find the supporter early before you make any formal sales calls. The contact can then help you fine tune your presentations to the company’s needs. They will also advocate for your project inside the company, urging management to move ahead with your offer. Typically you want to find either a regional manager or a marketing manager to help you.

Multi-Task or Focus? The Truth About Which Work Style Gets the Job Done

Do you feel like you are rushing through your day and not giving any one thing your full attention? I know how easily this can happen because many people use a multi task approach which leaves them feeling scattered and their projects incomplete.

How to Get Started With Content Marketing for Your Small Business

There are various modes of content marketing and it is vital for every small business to identify the vehicles that can be the most effective to their business. When you use the right content marketing tools, it will leave a lasting impression about your brand.

A Few Tips on Selecting Lab Equipment for Your Needs

Selecting the right kind of medical lab equipment improves testing and diagnostic accuracy. It is important to consider certain key factors while choosing medical lab equipment.

The Contribution Of Marketing In The Business Boardroom

Adjusting the perception and re-evaluating the importance of what Marketing brings to the Boardroom. Demonstrating the value of Marketing’s contribution to an organisation that would enable Marketing to obtain a seat at the Boardroom table.

Content Media Marketing Via Video Sharing

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” – is a logical saying indeed. People prefer photos over reading text. With the advancement in technology, viewers are more interested in graphics, pictures, photos and videos. Video content is gradually replacing textual content on the world wide web.

An Answer to the Question – “What Is Marketing?”

Its quite common for people who work in marketing to get the question “So what exactly is marketing?” and it can’t be answered with one quick sound bite. Here is my attempt at trying to answer it.

How to Make Money Blogging Now

You have decided to start to make money blogging. Congratulations, more and more people are stepping into this profitable business every day. Whether you are here to earn a few extra dollars, replace your income, or to completely change your financial level any are possible through the power of blogging. There are many ways of getting started in this vast industry, but for the sake of those just beginning we will be focusing in on (in our opinion) the easiest way of making money blogging. For a more clear understanding on this read along. There is one last thing we must cover before getting started. The reality is that this is not easy. If you are looking for a “get rich quick” scheme then I’m sorry to disappoint you but this is not for you. To make this work it takes hard work, complete focus and many other factors. As well as this not being easy, the real reality is that if you are willing to work hard and fight, anything you expect from this is possible.

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