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Why Your Website Should Be at the Centre of All Your Marketing Campaigns

It’s amazing how many companies still do not have a prominent web presence. Many companies rely solely on their website to bring in new leads however often these websites are poorly designed, have low quality content and no clear call to action. In this article I’m going to be talking about the importance of having a well thought out website when its comes to marketing your business.

Email Marketing 101: What Not to Do With Your Emails

I just received another email that just pisses me off for the most part! Here are just a few reasons why: I never subscribed to this persons website or opt in form I was listed as a “bcc” I received two messages from the same person using two similar emails within an hour of each other I did not have the option to unsubscribe All of these are what not to do with your emails when it comes to “Email Marketing 101” I had also recently received an email from someone I also had not opted into their list which showed about 60 other emails, all alphabetical that they had just pasted into their “To” box in their own personal email.

Customer Service Flaws: Stupid Stuff Employees Say

You may be worried about the competitors down the street, but one of the biggest dangers to your profitability may be on your own payroll. When employees speak to customers without thinking first, they can undo a great deal of good will.

Coffee Get-Together Time Trap

If you are new to sales or networking, you are probably stressed out over making sure that your calendar is full of appointments. As a Sales Manager, I pay particular attention to the appointments my agents set for coffee with someone they just met at a recent networking event. The infamous “Coffee Get Together” meetings are often diamond in the rough opportunities that can turn into time traps if not properly planned for.

The Key to Creating a Winning Homepage Video

Having a video on your homepage brings your connection with visitors to another level so you can attract clients more easily. When prospects come to your site and click on the video, they get to see who you are, which is huge. As you know people do business with people they know, like and trust. Video facilitates the start of a relationship.

Swing Trading Strategies and Its Added Benefits in Stock Investments

There are a lot of swing trading strategies and to fix a strategy is really difficult to pick. If you are new to the trading market, you may find a lot of strategies followed by the traders.

How to Bridge the Gap Between Sales and Marketing

In the organizational structure of most businesses, there’s a marketing department and a sales department. While this separation of activities may be necessary for reporting reasons, it often leads to confusion and tension between the two. Marketing has a broad agenda in its responsibility to the business.

Lecture Mode Vs Interactive Teleseminars? Which One Works Best?

When I first started doing teleseminars to attract clients, I would do live calls with everyone on the line being able to ask me questions. My first boot camps were structured the same way as well. This worked fine when the groups were relatively small.

Three Questions to Ask Before You Begin Your Marketing

The most effective marketing campaigns are not off-the-cuff tossed out into the market without any thought. Of course not. They are well planned and designed with both your ideal client and your “end game” in mind. This is true whether we are talking about online marketing or offline marketing. If you want to improve your marketing efforts, ask yourself these three questions before you map out your campaigns for the year…

The Unconventional Approach To Getting People’s Attention

Everyone is bombarded with ads constantly. If you want to stand out, you have to do something bold — something that pierces the cloud of advertising around your prospects and makes them take notice.

Tips for Starting Your Own Casino As a Business Venture

Casinos have been around for a very long time. Some businesses have buckled with the introduction of the Internet, but casinos seem to have thrived. This is because nothing beats the environment of gambling in a casino environment, even playing in the comfort of your own home.

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