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The Importance of Choosing High-Quality Promotional Items Like Branded Pens

Some companies spend a lot of money to advertise their products over the radio or on carefully chosen television programs. Others hire marketing and advertising firms to draw up an advertising campaign which includes ads on newspapers and magazines.

Promoting Your Business Through Branded Pens

There are many promotional products available for you to choose from. You can choose any from a wide selection for a variety of promotional purposes including communication, recognition, safety, advertising, marketing, sales, and other promotional ends.

5 Ways to Keep Your Marketing Plan Simple and Easy to Follow

With so many marketing options available, you can really struggle with what you should be doing, when are the best times to do it, where your marketing placements should be, why one marketing activity over another, why one niche market over another, and how to get the most out of it all. Of course, there are some variables (such as goals, industry, and capacity) that will affect your decision, but let me share with you the foundation to simplifying some of this. 1…

Do You Call a Doctor or Fireman When You Need Marketing Help?

Why you need a professional marketer rather than doing it yourself. You wouldn’t tell your doctor what you need. You’d describe symptoms and answer his/her questions – the same as a marketing consultant. When you only use a marketing professional as a fireman to “put out fires”, you’re not using them to your best advantage.

Before You Start Marketing Your Counseling Practice

Marketing your counseling practice is your next order of business now that you are officially done with school, but before you start marketing you have a few decisions to make. Will you practice as a general counselor? Will you have a specialty or two? Have you even decided yet?

Create Marketing Routines to Grow a Successful Business

Growing a business is serious business! Incorporating routines into our daily work life are most important to attain the type of business growth we desire.

Taking a Gun to a Knife Fight: How Right Competitive Solutions and Messaging Win More Business

Unless you live in a vacuum then your business will have competitors. It’s a dog eat dog world out there and you’ve got to fight hard to survive, stay ahead of the game, keep your nose in front and every other business related cliche you can think of. In short, bouncing the competition off the walls is part of your business DNA. Here are some actionable insights to win over the competition again and again.

What Can Product Managers Learn From How The iPhone Was Born?

If you are like most product managers, you look at the iPhone and wish that it was the product that you were managing. I mean, how cool would that be? Who wouldn’t want to be in charge of a product that has sold over 470M copies? One of the things that we often overlook is that once upon a time the iPhone didn’t exist. How it came into being is a story that holds some important lessons for product managers…

4 Simple Low-Cost Ways To Improve Your Outbound Marketing Efforts

Among the basic foundations of a thriving profitable business is an active, ongoing, and professional-looking outbound marketing presence. It does not matter if you are a home-based business, or one-person professional office, or a business with many employees. This list does not change no matter how small or large your company.

Missions and Marketing

Some businesses use their mission statement as a part of their marketing practice. Is this a positive or negative form of corporate branding?

Presenting Your Value-Added

Let’s explore strategies that will strengthen your perceived value-added and enhance your brand power. Identifying how to best communicate your expertise and authenticity is the best place to start. Increases in perceived value are generally more profitable than increases in the quality of services delivered. Clients are known to pay more for what they think is worth more before they’ll pay for service upgrades. A good brand is very seductive. Brand loyalty persuades customers to pay $5.00 for coffee when they could buy a higher-quality brew for $2.00.

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