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Tips In Choosing A Digital Marketing Agency

A digital marketing agency works with a lot of business today to help them reach the right agent. It helps businesses increase brand awareness. It helps businesses increase its customer base. If you are in the business industry, you’d surely want to find a reputable company to help you market your brand. Since these agencies can provide great impact to your business, it’s crucial that you choose the right one.

Getting Published Has Few Barriers to Entry

In years past, there were many barriers to entry to have our material published. Today, with untold numbers of platforms, regardless of the message, the industry and the format, virtually anyone can have his or her material published. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should… not until a few things are in place.

How to Give Your Biz a Cash Bonus for Christmas!

Coaches and Service Professionals – Here are 5 Simple ways to immediately increase CASH-FLOW in your biz. Many coaches and Service Professionals begin to back off at this time of year because they think it’s too late to begin new programmes with prospective clients.

Effective Market Research: The New Strategic Competitive Advantage

Adaptability has become a new competitive advantage, as companies are looking for a way of beating off competition, market research is the answer but consumer behavior should be considered if high level results are to be achieved. Market research helps companies adapt to the ever changing business trends and building customer loyalty. It is worth noting that consumers know a lot about what they want to be offered and they know the business secrets of competitors.

The Truth? Your Customers Can’t Handle The Truth!

How much does your product cost? No, I mean based on your product development definition how much does it really cost? Once you account for all of the taxes, installation fees, ongoing maintenance, how much are your customers going to end up paying to use your product? Perhaps even more importantly, how are your customers going to feel as they start to discover the trail of additional fees above and beyond the initial purchase price that they are going to have to end up paying?

Brands Need to Understand Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a huge opportunity for brands to expand their reach. Here’s what they need to know in order to succeed in this arena.

Want More Clients? Do You Need to Fix Your Marketing or Your Sales Process?

When you ask most small business owners what is keeping them from multiplying their business, the words “marketing” and “sales” often come up. Many entrepreneurs do not understand the difference between these 2 processes or how one impacts the other. Can you answer the question “do you have a marketing problem, or a sales problem?”

Information Theory: The Best Way to Reach Your Customers

As a marketer how do you know what is the best way to reach your customers? How do you get a message across to potential customers in a minefield of mass-communication? Well, information theory may have an answer, or at least some insight.

Creating Expert Level Authority For Your Fitness Business

Building a business in the fitness industry for many fitness professionals is primarily about providing high quality service and secondarily about marketing the business. While long term that model works for a new or fledgling business, marketing, sales and advertising efforts have to be top priorities. This article focuses on marketing to position you as the expert.

4 Ways to Fix Content Marketing Mistakes

You’ve realized that content marketing is important and you’ve made an effort to get stuff out there. You’re seeing results, they’re just not what you expected and not really getting any better over time. Are you doing something wrong? It’s possible that you might be making some common mistakes that can easily be fixed. Here are four examples of common content marketing mistakes, and how to fix them.

Product Management At A Startup – How To

I’ve recently been working with a startup company that is in the business of offering software as a service. This is a fantastic company that I believe has a lot of future potential. They never had any product management talent before they asked me to help them out. What I found and what I had to do says a lot about the world of startups!

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