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Mobile Demographic: How Vital Is It to Your Mobile Marketing Success?

Different strategies are used in mobile marketing globally as they have been proven to be effective tools in marketing. The most successful among these mobile apps developers and white label app resellers are the ones who focused on their target audience, developed an app that will cater to what these audiences want and need, and those who regarded mobile demographic as an important factor when marketing any product. From a mobile app developer’s perspective, mobile demographic can either make you or break you, and you must use the best team of mobile app developers and consultants to handle your mobile app marketing.

5 Podcasts All Businessmen Should Listen To!

Podcasting has been a great way to deliver information through spoken words rather than visual means. With podcasts, listeners are able to receive and digest information swiftly and conveniently. Using audio instead of the written word to express ideas and convey information, marketing podcast has an important role for innovation in business. This, among many others, is one of the reasons why podcasting is (or should) be considered as a great tool for blogging for business.

Simple and Powerful Marketing Tips and Guides for Mobile App Resellers

A forecast in Strategy Analytics was recently posted projecting a $50 Billion hit for the mobile apps business industry in 2017. This massive growth, however, is not only referent to mobile apps available for users but the extensively and massively expanding part of the entire mobile market and mobile app Resellers Working at home online through mobile app reselling is now becoming popular by the day, generating passive income more than one can expect. Since business operatives demand access to almost all data from mobile devices, decisions are made and implemented through mobile devices as well. It is not at all surprising that these are communicated to their target audience through their mobiles.

Mobile Apps Resellers and SEO for Successful Mobile Marketing

The implementation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) greatly helps in improving online marketing as well as exposure of websites. Its benefits are not limited to that, since whether you are one of many mobile apps Resellers you may also apply SEO to mobile apps. The fact is, mobile apps SEO plays a vital role in today’s market where each app store is stuffed with enumerable mobile apps.

Mobile Apps Marketing: Are Yours Geared Towards the Top?

There are a number of mobile apps in the market that became a hit instantly based on function and quality. However, there is the other side of the coin that shows some apps having less chance of penetrating the market at the very least. While it is true that having the best quality will ultimately lead you to the top of the game, your race will always start with the best and a well-thought out mobile app marketing strategy.

SMS Mobile Marketing: How to Avoid a Million Dollar Mistake

It is expected that accessing the web through smartphones will eventually out-run doing so through PCs and laptops. Why not? Almost everyone is now connected to family, friends, and the World Wide Web through their smartphones, practically to anything and anyone. So it is not so surprising at all if you see mobile marketers’ blogs claiming there was an 80% increase spent in mobile advertising alone in 2012 than that of 2011.

Why the Pen Is Still the Most Popular Promotional Item in the World

If you’re looking for the most popular promotional item in the market, then look no further than the point of the ballpoint lying on your desk! Yes, the ballpoint pen is one of the most, if not THE most, popular customizable giveaway products in the world of advertising and marketing. And why wouldn’t they be?

Adoption of Social Media for Greater Impact

In a world where the information sharing and distribution is becoming everything, businesses need to collaborate with the social media in order to boost their networking. Today, social media has dramatically changed the way businesses work to promote their products and communicate with their customers.

Get Clear On Your Point Of View!

When you tell people what it is you ‘do’ in your business, do they understand anything you’re saying? Do YOU even know how to clearly articulate the message?

Action And Accountability!

“Without a vision, they will perish!” – So True. But without ACTION, the vision will stagnate (or, worse yet, frustrate the heck out of you!).

Outsourcing: How to Get Quality IT Consulting Leads

One of the less-explored areas in the IT market is in generating IT consulting leads, particularly in terms of getting IT consultants face to face with prospective clients. But how exactly does an IT consulting firm get quality leads?

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