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Steve Job’s Advice For Product Managers

Steve Jobs died too young – what great things could he have accomplished if only he had been able to live just a little bit longer? No matter, even during his brief time on this planet he accomplished a number of amazing product related things that every product manager can learn from. What’s even more important is that Steve left behind some great advice that all of us product managers need to hear and learn from.

Plan a Little So You Can Do a Lot More

Are you a planner or a doer? Learn about these two marketing types and discover why you need to be a little bit of both to succeed.

How to Get Started With B2B Content Marketing in 2014

B2B content marketing came into its own in 2013 and the New Year is the perfect opportunity for you to get on board. If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to begin actively thinking about how to generate and share content that’s relevant and informative for your target audience. Here are tips for molding your 2014 B2B content marketing strategy: Know your audience.

Take Heed of These Great Marketing Quotes

Simple marketing quotes from leaders in the field can be an exceptional and surprising source of wisdom. In this article, I’ll discuss five of my favorites.

Getting Paid! Solutions for Accepting Payment Online

When you are building a business, you want a solution for accepting payment online that is reliable and looks professional and trustworthy to clients. We have switched providers as we have grown to accommodate different levels of service and higher numbers of transactions.

3 Steps to Design Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys are important to understand what the customers think about a certain product or service of a company. It also helps a company reach their projected goal in an effective way than before.

Basic Concepts of Marketing

Concepts of marketing give a clear idea on carrying the business. It helps businesses reach predetermined goals. This is possible by identifying and satisfying the needs and wants of the customers. Business will not expand without effective marketing.

The Number One Ingredient for Riches

If you don’t get to know your prospects and customers very well, you’ll never achieve maximum success in your business. In this article, I’ll provide some practical ways and examples to show you how to do this.

Contest Tips To Help Attract Attention To Your Trade Show Stand

A contest can bring visitors to your trade show stand in droves. Use these tips to make sure your contest goes smoothly.

Trade Show Marketing Tips For Newbies

When you’re new to exhibiting, it can seem like your list of things to take care of is never ending. If you’re attending your first trade show, use these trade show marketing tips to help ensure a successful event.

Trade Show Season Is Here!

If you’re taking advantage of the multiple ways to market your business through trade shows, tabletop shows and/or booths at community events, here are five tips to make your efforts be more fruitful: 1. Plan your participation well enough in advance to allow for early bird registration discounts and possible travel deals. Also, advance planning allows you the time to plan your marketing materials without having to pay rush fees for them.

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