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Prospects Desire More Than Lower Prices

It only takes one negative experience to leave a sour taste in a prospect’s mouth. And this day in age they are taking no prisoners by leveraging the use of social media to deliver the news in seconds. In fact, this is why prospects are valuing other things than reduced prices. There are countless reasons why prospects purchase products or services and this article will review the top 6 things they are seeking other than low prices.

Two Super Simple Ways to Talk About Results With Clients

If you are a new small business owner without a long track record, you may find it difficult to talk to your potential clients about results. Sometimes students worry that results will vary for each person. Or, they aren’t sure what they can actually deliver. This makes it difficult for you to help them envision results while you close the sale and get clients.

The Secrets to Create Lifetime Customers

You always have a desire for steady earnings and want to strengthen your business with a long-term and sustainable development whether you are the salesperson, the owner of a small retail store or the director of a large-size enterprise with thousands of employees. A lifetime customer is the most important factor to bring about those values.

How Product Managers Can Master The Art Of Conversation

When I’m talking with product managers who are first starting out, their questions all revolve around things like product road maps, how to create a product development definition, and the best way to collect customer requirements. It’s when I talk with product managers who have been doing this job for a while that the questions shift to being about how we can become more effective communicators. What these seasoned product managers know that the green ones don’t is that product management is all about the art of the effective conversation. How to do that well is the big question…

The Phonebook – A Retirement Home for Doomed Marketing Techniques

What’s the relevance of a phonebook in a world dominated by Google and Facebook? Let’s face it – the age of print ads is on life support.

The 2 Basics Of Marketing That Will Make Or Break Your Business

The marketing strategy of a business makes all the difference between success and failure, but most times, they end up either too vague or too complex. Keeping these two simple things in mind are all you really need for an effective marketing strategy.

Top 3 Reasons Promotional Water Bottle Labels Are A Powerful Marketing Tool

Every business wants “top of mind awareness” from their customers, but it’s no easy challenge. We have a winning way to help achieve that!

Cracking the Money Code

What do you have to do to get all the money that you want-legally, ethically and morally? As a business person or entrepreneur, that’s surely a question you’re thinking about. If not consciously, it’s still the question that drives you in business. Let’s take a closer look at the possibilities.

Getting Ready for a Live Event!

Hosting a live event can scare the pants off many entrepreneurs! I know that – I hear it all the time. But what I also know for sure is that by hosting a live event, entrepreneurs can grow their business in record time.

Google’s “Pigeon” Update: What to Do If Your Page Ranking Flew the Coop

In Google’s ongoing efforts to improve the value, accuracy, and relevancy of search results, it launched what is currently being referred to as “Pigeon” around July 24, 2014. This update affects only local search results in English in the United States. Pigeon links local search results more strongly to traditional web search rankings and website authority, and integrates better distance and location parameters in search results.

Marketing in the Internet of Things (IOT)

First, what is the “Internet of Things”? Well imagine everything has the capability to interact with the other. Well imagine everything has the capability to interact with the other.

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