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Marketing – Don’t Overlook the Basics

There are some basic marketing concepts to brand a product or service. This article addresses these basic concepts in a logical progression.

How to Calculate the Market Potential for a New Invention?

Calculating market value for any product is important, but for a new invention it can prove to be a necessity. Before investing in the patent process and prototype manufacturing process, it makes sense to understand the type of return for these efforts and expense.

Three Easy Steps to Develop Your USP

We have seconds to capture the attention of a potential customer. Can you deliver your message in less time than it takes to send a text?

What To Expect From The Latest In Event Marketing Technologies

For some time now, technological developments are revolutionizing the marketing landscape. Event marketing companies everywhere have been using technological support in order to get the best from their campaigns and ensure the best impressions on their target market. It is changing everything related to company and consumer interaction, including service promotions and product introductions.

What Is a “Quick Screen” Adjustable Banner Stand?

I get a lot of people asking where to purchase a “quick screen” banner stand. For educational purposes, I will say that the more common terms for this banner stand are 1) adjustable banner stands, 2) retractable banner stands, 3) roll-up banner stands, and 4) pull-up banner stands. These banner stands may also go by other names, which are typically brand names applied to the same stands everyone else sells in an attempt to differentiate their brand from other seller’s offerings, which is just good marketing.

Businesses On The Map

Business marketing is an essential part of making a business successful. Not only does it serve to enhance promotion, it also serves to communicate with any given audience.

Target Marketing

Scattershot marketing to everyone and their brother doesn’t work well. To really pile up the profits, you have to target your marketing to a specific group that you know well and understand even better.

Show Your Signs’ True Colors

Be particular with choosing the colors for any signage you have. You need to fit your color selection with the kind of business you have and your target audience. You would need not only to have any sign, but a great sign that would attract people’s attention.

What Makes the Best High Traffic Vending Locations!

There’s a lot of confusion and outright misinformation among vendor machine operators as to exactly what makes for a good vending location. Some vendors are adamant that only locations with a hundred or more employees are profitable. Others try to get their vending machines into hospitals, schools, airports and the like, thinking that this is the best way to vending riches. Well neither of those assumptions are true and let me explain why.

How to Follow Up With Interested Prospects

Many people struggle with how to follow up with potential clients who say they are interested in working with you. Sometimes you leave them voicemail messages and never hear back. Sometimes they put you off or ask you to call back again at a later date. There are countless reasons why you might not connect right away, even though the person voiced an interest.

Top Three Reasons Why Logos Are Effective

Let’s talk about Logos! Whether you’re a sole proprietor or a large corporation, a logo gives your business credibility and makes you easy to remember.

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