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5 Tips for Hitting the Bullseye When Defining Your Target Market

For many business owners pinpointing a target market can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. In reality it’s right there in plain sight. Smack in the middle of “everyone”.

Spreading The Word: Employing Photography Business Marketing Strategies

With the number of people getting into the spirit of travelling and diving into new adventures these days, the desire to document these events and share them with the rest of the world has also taken root in the consciousness of the average individual. Thus, investing in good camera equipment or even a top-quality smartphone with excellent photo capture and social media connection capabilities has become somewhat of a common practice among the majority of consumers in most countries.

12 Grass Roots Marketing Ideas For Businesses

Stretching a small marketing budget can sometimes be difficult. However, going back to grass roots marketing can help to stretch that budget much farther. Here are 12 marketing ideas to save money and expand your marketing avenues.

Making Sense of Social Media Advertising

Should I advertise my business on social media? That’s a question many small businesses are wrestling with today. The answer is – it depends. Specifically, it depends on your target audience and your marketing goals. Most small businesses can benefit from a well-designed social media advertising strategy. The key is to make sure that you use the right social media platform for your customer base.

Tips – Confused Markets in Your Marketing

Your expertise probably already serves or can serve more than one market. That’s the good news and the better news, once you are clear about that and then make choices on how best to reach them.

Why Coupon Marketing Will Work For You

Many businesses try to lure customers in through coupons offering discounts, free shipping, and other bonuses and deals that will take the receivers a step closer to purchasing. And its not just about being trendy and following direct mail techniques for the sake of it – coupon marketing holds a number of lasting benefits in promoting your products and services. Here’s why, and how you can efficiently do it with the help of Web-based tools like NCOA for increased deliverability.

Customer Referrals: 8 Reasons Why They Are Assets

Do you or your organization use some type of customer referral program to strengthen your marketing approach, while increasing revenue? Understanding and responding to the buying behavior of customers will help businesses and organizations connect to the decision-making process and increase the percentage of repeat, loyal customers.

Small Businesses Marketing Plan – Points to Consider

Knowing how to write a good marketing plan is the key to running a successful business, whether that business is online or offline. Taking the time out to take care of things like business plans and marketing plans is one of the most important parts of starting a business.

Make Your Medical Practice Website Worth the Cost

A medical website is worth having for. It is your priced possession that will bring huge profits and subsequently make your practice credible. The benefits are endless, only when you can prove its worth to the patients.

How to Construct a Healthcare Marketing Plan

Even in this 21st Century, many physicians believe marketing is just putting an advertisement in the local newspaper, renovating the waiting room or conducting a direct mailing to people in the community. But, this is not a logical approach and you will not be able to accomplish anything. The key to successful practice marketing incorporates with designing a strategic marketing plan comprising your specific goals and their implementation methods.

Apps Vs The Web: Which Option Is Right for You?

You’re walking down the street or maybe sitting and waiting for the bus. To kill some time you decide to whip out your smartphone and browse through your favorite website. Fantastically, it just happens to fit the screen on your phone perfectly

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