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Is Marketing About Customers Or Repelling Ones That Do Not Fit the Business?

Everyone thinks that marketing is to find more customers. That is not the whole truth. Marketing should be used to repel people who should not work with a business as well.

The Seven Important Steps Of The Telemarketing Process

Ever wondered what the telemarketing company you hired is doing? Read on to know the most important steps being taken during the lead generation process.

Cramming 10 Pounds of Candy Into a 2-Pound Bag Is Not Smart Marketing

Your big moment has finally arrived. The money your senior management long ago budgeted but hadn’t yet freed up – money you’ve been begging for to market your company, its products or services – has actually been released. Finally, you can create that ad, that radio or TV spot, that website, landing page or whatever you’ve long dreamed of doing. Better get going, you and perhaps your department if you have one. Your ad agency, too, if your company’s big enough to afford one. You’ve long been telling yourself, “We’ve got so many things to say in this marketing effort.” Wrong!

How to Have Your Partner or Spouse Believe in You

My topic for today is about something that most people who teach marketing and client attraction don’t ever speak about. It is about getting your spouse on board to believe in you. I work with hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs. Invariably throughout the course of the year or just as someone is wanting to work with me they’ll express, “I really want to do this, but I wonder if my husband or my spouse or my partner will let me.”

Content Marketing – Vital for Marketing Success

Content marketing is not a new idea. For years, brands and businesses of all sizes have been telling their unique stories to attract customers. Several examples from the past are the Michelin Guides, the Jell-O Recipe Book, and the Proctor & Gamble radio and TV soap operas.

Focussing on the Outcome Customers Will Value Because That’s Where They Will Find the ROI

As a Marketer of an IT outsourcing company I had made the cardinal error of thinking that it was all about the technology sold rather than on focussing on the reason why people buy and the outcome they wish to achieve through that purchase. Buying normally boils down to one of two things which are either the creation of pleasure or the avoidance of pain.

Affiliate Marketing Training – How To Begin

Many people make the decision that they want to make money online and one of the most exciting ways to earn an online income is with affiliate marketing. There are a number of programs that promote various methods that promise to help you make money with affiliate marketing, but it is important that you choose a program that has a solid reputation and a strong following of successful internet marketers. Learning the basics of affiliate marketing is fairly easy, but there is always more to learn as you delve further into the possibilities of making a substantial income through…

Mobile Marketing – A Guide for Small Business

It has never been so easy for businesses to keep in touch with their customers whenever and wherever they choose. With an ever increasing number of smartphones in Australia, a mobile marketing strategy is becoming a must have in business.

How Do I Begin to Track Marketing?

The very first thing to do when you start tracking marketing is to track your leads and sales. If you do not have a proper lead, sales and marketing tracking system in place, you can even start by using an Excel spread sheet. Once you have the lead and sales information, you can begin to analyze it in comparison with the marketing. It is a proven fact that tracking marketing will increase gross revenues.

What Are the Impacts of Blogging on Event Marketing Campaign?

In recent times, blogging has become a great marketing tool especially in terms of promoting events. The popularity of these communication channels has acquired more visibility with the emergence of various social media platforms. Most event organizers, nowadays, hire the services of a professional blogger to share personal experiences in relation to the events that he is hosting. It is however good to remember that blogging can yield far reaching results if it is done in the right manner. In addition to information, blogs are generally written and posted to add a touch of entertainment value to induce readers to spent time on the site. Hence, organizers must provide actual facts and figures to them so that the final output is accurate, flawless and high on the entertainment quotient.

How To Create Compelling Content For Your Website

You probably know that someone is searching for your product or service online right now. Will they find you?

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