Managing Your Trauma Can Determine Your Level of Success – Dr Paul Conti

Discovering Customer Relationship Marketing Basics

While most companies like to think that their customers will automatically return whenever their services are needed, this isn’t always the case. Taking the time to develop a relationship with clients and to find out more about their service and user experiences allows companies to grow and enhance their customer retention levels.

How To Successfully Differentiate Yourself From Everybody Else In Business

In today’s business world, the last thing you want to be is just like everybody else. In this article – you’ll discover three key ways to successfully differentiate yourself from your competitors, while increasing your income…

How To Use The “Inconsistent Comparison” To Make More Sales

Most times, if you sell a high-priced product or service – it’s hard to justify the sale to a prospective buyer. However, in this article – you’ll discover three proven methods to create “apples to oranges” comparisons that make selling a whole lot easier…

What Are the Benefits of an Outsourced Marketing Department?

Marketing is one of the most highly variable and potentially costly expenses for all businesses. Especially for small companies and startups, keeping a full-time Marketing Director and support staff trained on the latest trends; conceptualizing, producing, and managing quality campaigns; and busy during “off seasons” can be a major challenge.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Businesses

In the current business atmosphere, not adapting to current trends such as social media can make a company look outdated and out of touch. The basic reality is that today’s clients will rely on social media avenues to find your products or services, and will expect your company to make itself available through these avenues. If you are not making yourself available, opportunities can be missed and your competitors will bank on your absence.

How to Develop a Marketing Strategy?

A marketing strategy can make or break your business, so make sure that you have covered all bases before you finally launch one. You see, this strategy has a target result. Generally, the result should be for the continuous upward growth of the company and its employees.

Your Membership Organization’s Newsletter – How to Make It Awesome

Most membership organizations write a monthly newsletter as a way to keep in touch, but how many are doing it effectively? If you use a newsletter to communicate with your association, keep in mind the information within the newsletter needs to be relevant and engaging to the audience. But don’t let the need for creating new content each month scare you away from using this extremely valuable communication tool.

Four Things To Look For When Sourcing Top Notch Event Marketing Companies

Knowing how to select front-running event marketing companies can help companies reap optimal success at any industry convention. Read on to learn more about this topic.

How to Market Properly to Different Types of Clients

If you think that marketing can be conducted with a one-size-fits-all approach, guess again. Although you may be receiving an influx of marketing tips, you must stop yourself from getting so caught up in the current that you forget why you were looking for good marketing tips in the first place: to reach your clientele. Because consumers are individual peoples with individual needs you must understand your target audience cater to their specific needs. Here’s a look at four common marketing “sizes”, and quality marketing tips for reaching them.

How to Market a Product to the Correct Market Segment – Online or Offline

Let’s face it, when it comes to marketing a new product of yours, be that online or offline, the pain is in the process. I’ve spent years, even studied marketing at university (and got a first!) and even though I find the process and decisions fun, it’s still a headache I could do without. In this article, I’m going to provide you with some tips that I had to pay £7500 a year (x4 years) to learn and apply successfully.

A World Gone Mobile With the Best Mobile Marketing Strategies

The number of mobile users across the globe today has reached more than 4.8 Billion and still counting. The fact that internet searches globally are conducted through mobile phones means that the world has really gone mobile. This is the result of the development of smartphones and mobile apps which has allowed for many opportunities for all marketers and a wider choice for consumers. However, this also spells high level of competition for marketers and one must adopt various mobile marketing strategies specifically designed for the business, in order to make it through and reach greater heights.

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