Might be time to actually think “what’s in it for them” when you make content

How to Choose the Right Marketing Strategies for Your Business

What is a marketing strategy? I like to define it as “a process that allows you to concentrate your limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase your visibility, sales and income.”

Never Ever Start a Video This Way

A lot of people who are putting out business videos, are driving away their viewers in the first 5-10 seconds of the video. Would you like to know what they’re doing wrong so you can avoid it at all costs?

What Does Your Website Say About You?

Yes, I’m talking to you. If you’re not sure how to answer my question, go take a quick look. I’ll wait.

Make More Profits From Existing Customers And Turn Them Into A Saleable Asset

One thing Mid Wales Windows did at their open day was to collect everybody’s name and address – through their offer of a free prize draw. People were delighted to give them their details, particularly when they had the opportunity to win…

How to Get the Most From Corporate Sponsorships

Sponsorship Can Pay Off, If You’re Smart About It – Are you thinking about sponsoring an event, conference, trade show or community fundraiser? Read this first, so you can turn a potential money pit into a real opportunity to build your business.

New Trade Show Display Rental Options

In the past, pop up display rental options consisted of the 8 foot and 10 foot full fabric pop up display but most rental companies lacked a table top pop up display option. The 6 foot full fabric pop up display in all black Velcro receptive fabric is now available as a rental unit. The 8 foot and 10 foot pop up comes with a shipping case that doubles as a podium. The 6 foot table top pop up comes with a hard shipping case but it does not covert into a podium.

Marketing Your Therapy Practice – The Elevator Pitch

Marketing your therapy practice can be done many ways, but the elevator pitch is a tried & true method for letting people you meet know all about you and what you do. It’s also a great way for therapists who tend to be a little on the shy side to feel more confident talking about what they do in social situations.

Social Brand Changers: Creating Movers and Shakers

Becoming a social mover and shaker demands untiring efforts and creative strategies. As with success, it’s something that comes via long-term and persistent focus; and continuously rewards while in motion. If you’re looking to take your company to that level of social status, it’s critical that your company specializes its social marketing practices to better tailor to the brand’s market. Keep them coming back for more! If all else fails, quickly inquire with a social media strategist for their expertise and creative knowledge about developing unique campaigns and marketing strategies. He/she should be able to personalize a detailed social game-plan for ensuring your company’s desired return on marketing investments are structured through tangible yet measurable returns (in real-time).

The Benefits of Product Sampling and Demonstration

Physically giving your target audience the opportunity to ‘experience’ your product, be it tasting, smelling or using, can be thought of as the bare bones of field marketing; it is a primitive way of showcasing what your business is all about ‘in the field’. The fact that this basic method of putting your product on show should not be devalued on account of its simplicity, neither should it be dismissed as ineffectively pushing your product in your customer’s faces. Quite ironically, the very idea of product sampling and demonstration itself has been tried and tested and has stuck as an…

Choosing and Using Online Survey Software Effectively

An online survey software program makes your market research easier with a questionnaire template, instant generation of graphs and charts, and other significant tools. Using this type of program, you don’t have to create from scratch your research instrument and even the summary of your results. You can also easily analyze your survey results since it will automatically produce the necessary graphs and charts for you.

Pharmaceutical Sales Organizations Face New Challenges This Year

There are new challenges that the pharmaceutical sales organizations will face this year and in the future. The reason is the healthcare and insurance coverage has incurred drastic changes during the last couple of years. Insurance companies are giving physicians lists for medicines covered by their insurance policy. No longer can the doctor prescribe the best, or name brand.

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