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Why Is Sales Pipeline Important?

Sales Pipeline process is a very important process for making any establishment successful and also to strengthen its revenue growth. An efficient sales pipeline management affects the health of sales quota. This time tested method has proven its efficiency for the small enterprises as well. The big players have used this system in their daily mechanism and responsible for its wide popularity. It is believed that in the coming years, this process will attain greater heights. In fact, many say sales pipelines is an excellent tool for the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as most of them are engaged in lead generation process.

If You Want to Catch A Whale, Don’t Use Minnows For Bait

You can’t get huge results from minor marketing efforts. To catch the biggest clients, you have to think big all around — from the bait of the offer to the “tackle” of the development and fulfillment processes.

People Do What They Believe Is In Their Best Interests

Most people will buy something if it’s in their best interests to do so. Your goal should be to determine what those best interests are, and cater to them.

Product Manager Meet Your New BFF: The Analyst

Product managers spend a great deal of time looking inside of their company in order to determine what their product development definition is telling them needs to be done next in order to both create and market their product. What we can forget is that the real world in which our product will be competing is a crowded, confusing place. Our customers often turn to analysts in order to get advice on what they should do. We need to make some friends in the world of analysts…

Guerrilla or Jackass?

Marketing is essential to survive in business. But is camping out in front of your competitor’s business a sign of a guerrilla marketer or a jackass?

5 Perfect Uses For Tabletop Displays

Tabletop displays have become one of the most recognized and trusted forms of visual marketing. Here are 5 ways these little powerhouses can be used by businesses in nearly any field.

Why People Will Buy Almost Anything

People tend to buy anything that makes them feel better about themselves. While this may sound cynical, it’s reality — and it’s especially true of things they want, as opposed to things they need. Be sure to take advantage of this powerful tendency.

Have You Launched Your Pinterest Business Account?

Blogs. Facebook. Twitter. Social media has changed the way we communicate and connect. The digital world has become a central place to grow our businesses, build our brands and develop relationships. It’s given us wide-open channel for conversation and collaboration that can occur anytime, anywhere.

The Latest and Greatest Online Marketing Tools

For successful businesses, marketing is all about seizing opportunities. It’s a chance to roll out attention-grabbing campaigns and find new ways to engage customers. More than ever, it’s also about staying on top of technology developments and trends. And of course, these days it’s all about online marketing. With opportunities to market on the Internet, but you have to know where and when to do it.

Appraisal Marketing Maxim Number Two: Nothing Happens Until Somebody Sells Something

The ability to sell is more important than your ability to appraise. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote; “Make a better mousetrap and the world will beat path to your door” is a fallacy. Let’s face it – you already have the better mousetrap. You are trained, tested, qualified, and probably certified. If the world is not beating a path to your door it is because nobody knows that your mousetrap is better. More importantly, they do not know why they need a better mousetrap. Yes, you must learn to sell, no matter how distasteful that sounds. Selling is noble profession. Doctors do it. Lawyers do it. Even clergymen do it. (Ask my business partner, Father Leon Castner)

Be the Mayor of Your Database

Love them or hate them, politicians are typically charismatic and highly influential people. They have a way of walking into a room and instantly commanding respect and attention. When they speak, people in the room listen.

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