Patience and leaning is the key when a new space is developing.

How to Improve Customer Relationship

Customers are obviously the single most important asset for your business. No matter how great your products or services are or talented and dedicated the staff is your business will not progress unless your customers enjoy a good experience with your company. They have the ability to make or break your brand. This is why customer relationships are one of the important factors that companies cannot look over.

Affiliate Marketing Keywords

Don’t understand affiliate marketing? These definitions will help you out.

How to Plan a Foolproof Marketing Campaign

All products and services need effective marketing in order to make a difference. Here are some steps to come up with a campaign that works.

The Emotional Side of Business!

I have shed so many tears this past month that I am honestly feeling drained. I know that being an entrepreneur is not the easiest job in the world – but I had no idea that the month of March would have been so emotional.

“You Are Not Special!” – And It’s Good For Marketing

I am a huge fan of claiming our superpowers and marketing our uniqueness as individuals, so we can fully express our value and passion in our business, while standing out from competition. However, there is ONE thing about us not being totally “unique” can work in favor of our marketing. And that is, we are human beings marketing to other human beings who share the same underlying psychological triggers and drivers.

Top 3 Things Every Small Business Must Do

When talking to people about how things are going in their business, I have discovered some common tasks. People who have successful businesses are doing certain things on a regular basis that appear to be similar.

4 Best Practices For Comparing Market Channel Performance

One of the biggest questions facing any marketing department, is “what methods do we use for comparing marketing channel performance?” In other words, how can we tell which of our investments in marketing, be it television or radio ads, direct mail, online pay per click or content ads, or any number of other marketing channels, is performing at the highest level for the lowest cost. Marketing teams in companies the world over use various methods of evaluating the KPIs or key performance indicators of their marketing channels. Here are five best practices for comparing.

How To Generate Great Customer Testimonials For Your Small Business

What’s the best way to get customer testimonials to promote your small business? Here’s how to use customer satisfaction surveys to generate great testimonials that actually build a case for your business and help distinguish you from your competitors.

The Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is an effective and resourceful way to push your business to the next level. With a clear marketing strategy, goals and milestones become easier to reach.

The Marketing Strategy All My Successful Clients Use

Of all the business building strategies I’ve seen my clients use, there’s one that’s nearly universally used by the most successful, and not so much by the less successful. I’d even go so far as to say that it’s played a significant role in the successful businesses getting so successful.

Time For A New Marketing Approach?

If you’re not getting the results you need, should you try an entirely new marketing approach? This article explains why that may not make sense.

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