People want to “look” successful more than actually “be” successful

Referral Marketing: The Main Reason You’re Not Getting Referrals

Referrals are the best way to grow a business. If you aren’t receiving the referrals you want, you probably don’t have a formal referral program. You need to let your partners know how to give you a referral. You need to keep in touch with your referral partners on a regular basis. You need to reward every referral that is given to you.

Product Managers Know Customers Don’t Buy When You Tell Them Too Much

If you would like to get more of your potential customers to buy your product, what’s the best way to make this happen? If you talked with product managers, I’d be willing to bet that you’d hear a lot of them tell you that delivering more product information to your potential customers just might do the trick. It turns out that this is dead wrong…

Why You Must Develop a Solid Marketing Plan for Your Business

This article provides the reader with useful information about the significance of a marketing strategy for a business. It emphasizes on putting in the due effort for appropriate research in this regard.

Creating Effective Marketing Material

Getting your business on and running can be a very difficult thing to do and when you aren’t familiar with required marketing techniques, it can be even more difficult. You will need to learn many things over time and as long as you have got the patience and perseverance, you will be able to do just that.

How the Magic “Happens”

When we attend a conference, we are blissfully ignorant of the thousands of activities, groups, vendors and details that must come together to make it work like magic, without major glitches. All the things we don’t pay attention to, the things we don’t know about behind the scenes – the signage, the fact that the right speakers show up in the right rooms at the appointed times, the morning coffee service that just appears, the sponsor booths that are ready to go when the exhibit hall open – remain a mystery to most…

Measuring Content Marketing Engagement

A well thought out content marketing plan can boost social media marketing efforts. This forms the foundations of a content plan and social media marketing efforts around the audience’s needs and wants, ensuring the content continues to stay relevant.

The Basics of Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is one of the cornerstones of a successful marketing strategy. In this article we examine the fundamentals of marketing segmentation.

Newsletters Can Boost Your Accounting Practice in Six Ways

Your clients have many options when choosing an accounting firm. They also receive a tremendous amount of business consulting and tax information via the Internet, mainstream media, social media and from their colleagues. Because of the choices they have, and their access to information of dubious quality, it’s more important than ever that you keep in touch with your clients.

Reaching a Target Audience With SMS Marketing As A Great Mobile Marketing Business Opportunity!

Do you want the most cost efficient and effective channel for your messages to be delivered to your target audience? Consider SMS mobile marketing since many organizations have already seen what it can do to their businesses. It is easy to put marketing into action because it provides access for every business to reach out to the increasing statistics of mobile devices and mobile apps users who are eager and willing to get text messages. The benefits mobile marketing offers to businesses are unparalleled compared to conventional marketing.

You Can Target Different Segments Without Diluting Your Brand For A Broader Reach

A good marketing strategy focuses on increasing the sales and profitability. The volatile market makes it necessary to reassess the marketing plan and adapt it to meet the market changes. This is necessary for survival and expansion of the business

Mobile Marketing Business Opportunity Strategies

There is an unlimited supply of Smartphone’s in today’s market, together with other types of mobile devices that created a comparative user demand. Among the population of Smartphone users reaching more than 4 Billion, about half of them use their devices to get access to the internet, take part in various social networking sites, download apps, share and download information online, and many more.

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