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3 Marketing Mistakes Coaches Make

The coaches, consultants and service professionals I work with are a special breed. They are multi-passionate, multi-talented, and have a creative streak in them that makes stuffing themselves into the “usual” marketing box not only frustrating but also the cause of patchy results. They face a unique set of challenges, which leads to 3 common mistakes they tend to make in marketing their businesses – whether they are just starting out, or have been in business for a while but just can’t seem to hit the bull’s eye.

Are Membership Sites Worth the Effort?

In the past couple of months I have worked on 5 different membership sites. These sites are concentrating on monthly cash flow over product purchase and reselling techniques.

7 Easy Steps to Conducting Your Marketing Research Plan!

Ever thought about conducting a marketing research plan for your business, but weren’t sure how to begin? Here are 7 easy steps to creating your own valuable marketing research plan.

How Can A Product Manager Make Something Old New Again?

Pity the poor product manager who has been saddled with responsibility for a product whose time has clearly come and gone: the lowly pencil. I mean, here we are living in the age of smartphones and tablets, who needs a pencil and for that matter, could anyone find a pencil sharpener even if they could find a pencil? I can understand that thinking, but hold on a moment. You’d be wrong.

When Did Cause Marketing Take Off?

Cause marketing has, to an extent, moved quickly to replace other standards of corporate donations or philanthropy. This form of combining forces with customers and organizations toward social causes offers a greater awareness of the cause itself, as well as the brand or corporation involved. Linking a company with a cause places it firmly within a community, but by aligning its customers with the donations and contributions it provides, everyone profits.

Why Do Companies Use “Cause Marketing?”

Companies have a responsibility to shareholders to maximize profits. In the past, companies often contributed to a worthwhile cause, or to the community, in a quiet unmeasured way. Those days have gone. In more modern times it is not only acceptable to promote contributions made to a worthwhile cause, which promotes a company’s credibility, it is expected. These companies enter into these cross promotions with non-profit organizations, so that both the non-profit benefits as much or more than the for profit enterprise. Instead of spending large amounts of budgeted resources on advertising, the funds are given to the non-profit in return for an opportunity to connect with customers and clients by displaying their support for that cause simply by remaining a loyal customer. The company saves marketing dollars and the non profit gains considerable more than it would through a one time donation. The company does well by doing good.

Cause Marketing and Chocolate – A Sweet Combination

Cause marketing is used worldwide by companies and businesses of all sizes. This article will help give a basic understanding of how cause marketing campaigns work. It demonstrates the example shown by Cadbury, a producer of quality chocolate products and the cause marketing campaigns they organize to the benefit of worthwhile charities in many parts of the world. It gives specific examples, highlighted by the fact that they are a confectionery company that originally supported children’s charities which was seen by the market as a natural mix.

Understanding Cause Marketing

Cause marketing is a specific form of marketing that basically replaces the traditional and more expensive form of advertising. It is where a for-profit business and a non-profit organization form a formal alliance from which both parties benefit both financially, and by increasing their credibility in the eyes of the public. This is why it is often referred to as “Credibility Marketing”. This article explains in simple terms how such an arrangement is beneficial to both parties.

How Much Time Should You Spend on Marketing Strategy?

Traditionally, more value has been placed on staying busy with action items. However, today, it is better to be smarter with your time. Marketing strategy helps businesses stay focused with their efforts to generate more bang for their marketing buck.

A Success Habit for Entrepreneurs

“Who has time to sit down and read anymore?” I hear that often from many entrepreneurs and the sad part is… they just don’t get it. Reading is one of the habits of very successful entrepreneurs.

Developing Personas

The importance of developing personas when writing a marketing plan is sometimes overlooked by marketers. This is a brief description of the importance of developing personas for your plan.

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