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How to Make PPC Pay

As you begin to explore possibilities for advertising for your business, you will see the letters “PPC” popping up in various places. Most of the time, these letters will show up in such discussions as “the best ways to make PPC work for you,” but before you can dive into an in-depth exploration such as this, you will first need to understand exactly what PPC is.

Free or Inexpensive Marketing Tips

“Free or Inexpensive Marketing Tips” gives you nine free or inexpensive ways to do your own marketing. The return on investment makes each a great choice for a marketing dollar.

Well-Being Incentive Strategy Tilting Toward Health Plan Innovation

Using consumer incentives to help encourage employee participation in HRAs and screenings seems to be the norm these days. And each year, the payout grows.

Unlocking the Power of a White Paper

We live in an era of McNugget news tips and soundbites. White papers are a powerful tool for showcasing your expertise and providing audiences with valuable content. Leverage this tool to build credibility and influence.

Why Using Promotional Pens Is Good For Business

People use pens everyday and promotional pens are a low-cost marketing tool. They do not cost very much to buy yet attract business. Dish them out at conferences, exhibitions, on the street, or leave them in bars, cafes and trains and you will find that your branded promotional pen is effective for more than just making notes.

Marketing Lessons From Lady Gaga

You may not be a fan of her music but you’d be a fool not to admire Lady Gaga’s entrepreneurial skills. She’s never attended business school but this opinionated 25-year-old has built a unique brand based on her music career, and taken marketing to new heights. She has legions of fans she calls her “little monsters”, has sold around 100 million records worldwide, has banked tour receipts totaling $300million and is said to be worth at least $150 million. Not only that, she once wore a dress made of meat to the Grammys. If nothing else, you have to admire her sass!

Survey Writing – Definition and Example of a Leading Question

Leading questions can invalidate the data collected in your surveys. Learn what leading questions are and how to avoid them in this short article.

Increasing IT Leads By Outsourcing Lead Generation

It leads can be pretty hard to generate. In cases like these, you will need all the help that you can get. One of these is by outsourcing the lead generation work to a capable agency.

Are You Willing to Lose 25% of Your Working Year to Seasonality?

So are you willing to write off 25% of your working year to seasonality and just give up during that time? If in business you were to take the academic calendar as time where no work could be done you would be sacrificing 25% of the working year. Lame excuses such as – they won’t be there at the moment, no one is around this month or worse still, I’ll wait until after the holidays just don’t work.

Local Store Marketing: Chamber of Commerce

Joining and becoming active in your local chamber of commerce is an excellent way to increase your store’s visibility within your local business area. In addition to meeting a number of key local business contacts who can turn into group sales and individual patrons of your store, your chamber of commerce offers inexpensive advertising programs that place your store front and center with the chamber’s membership. Attending as many chamber events in your community as possible enables you to get to know the other businesses in the area and stay top-of-mind with key networkers. The time commitment is negligible throughout the year, but the payback can be quick since most chamber members share the same trade area as you and are very well-connected throughout it. Searching the Internet, find the closest chamber of commerce that serves your trade area. In some instances, you may want to join multiple chambers that share your trade area.

Set Appointments Like A Professional: A Lead Generation Basic

Remember, lead generation is more than selling. There are other factors you must consider if you want prospects to buy from you. Read on to learn how to do it.

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