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Benefits of Mobile Marketing Today

When it comes to marketing as a whole, you’re going to have to look past your computer screen. Too often, people get caught up in the wrong arenas, including those of physical online elements.

Introduction to Youth Marketing

What is youth marketing, you ask? It is a practice that involves creating ad campaigns designed especially for teenagers, kids and young adults. The way this industry works is quite simple: it is meant to attract people from a certain age category with the purpose of winning a part of the money that will be spent by that particular group in a year.

You Need Support!

How many of you are still doing everything on your own in your business? For those of you who know me at all, or who have worked with me, know that I have only 2 words for that: ‘that’s stupid’!

Now Tell Me the Truth

If you’re serious about a strategic business initiative, Survey Monkey is not your friend. You need to know when outside research will get you where you want to go.

Branding for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

What is branding and why is it important to a small business? This article discusses the definition of branding, and why it should be important to any business owner.

5 Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch in 2015

With the recent advent of cellular technology, nearly 80% of American consumers now have the capability to browse and shop the Internet from the palm of their hand. A recent survey of thousands of mobile phone users examined how mobile devices and mobile marketing practices can affect business. Whether you are a mobile marketing agency, are considering hiring one, or are want to take advantage of mobile to increase your business traffic and sales, here are five trends you can take advantage of in the coming year to promote your business.

Marketing And The Future Of Your Business

All that happens in your business from now on will of course be in the future, this will mean getting to grips with all of the developments in technology that integrates with the marketing of your business’ products and services to your defined end user market segments. Marketing fundamentals will always continue to apply and it is important to make note of that which really works in terms of connecting with clients making sure you are making full use of the new technologies to build your business.

3 Unique Business Marketing Strategies

To be competitive enough, you need to market your business. Since there are many people marketing their businesses, you need to be unique in order to get the attention of many customers. Some of the unique strategies that you can use include: Renting space Here you need to find websites of the major players in your industry and ask the owners to rent you advertising space. While many companies will not allow you to do this, there are some that will.

Web-Related Services Offered by a Marketing Agency

An advert or marketing agency is a business that offers dedicated services comprising of planning, producing, and handling promotion and advertising projects. An ad agency may be hired by clients to produce TV and radio commercials, mobile advertising, and online advertising. Since the marketing agency is independent from the client, it can offer a different point of view, which helps boost the branding and sales of products and services significantly.

4 Easy-To-Execute Mobile Marketing Strategies

Although, mobile marketing is a fast growing concept, many people struggle with it. If you are one of the people struggling, here are some of the most effective strategies that you can use: Cash in on cross-channel promotion Mobile devices provide you with many opportunities that you can use to your advantage. One of the ways you can take advantage of the opportunities is by making use of the different channels provided by mobile.

Creating a Seamless Customer Journey in Pharmaceutical Industry Through Multi-Channel Marketing

The pharmaceutical industry is looking towards innovative ways to create and communicate values to its customers as several blockbuster drugs are reaching patent cliff. In today’s market, with decreasing access to Health Care Professionals (HCP) and increasing adoption of mobile devices by the Health Care Professionals, the traditional sales force strategies need to be realigned and complemented with digital inventions. Multi-Channel Marketing has emerged to complement Sales Force initiatives to reach out to the customers in most efficient and cost effective way. But Multi-Channel Communication is to be managed in an organized and synchronized manner to generate a pleasant customer experience.

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