Sales Is Just Bad Marketing | BUILD IT Keynote 2021

Innovating Your Business to Become the Dominant Player in Your Market

Innovation is always the key to success for any small business. In this case study, we’ll show you how something as mundane as a donut shop can find new, innovative and creative ways to inexpensively position themselves as a dominant force in their market.

Why a Marketing Plan Is Important and What Different Strategies to Use

It is normal for people to wonder why marketing is important for their business. Commonly, owners would occasionally post their services for people to see on social media. This won’t necessarily get your product on the market. Here is why a marketing plan is important and what you can use in yours.

Emerging Marketing Trends

Do you think people still pay attention to TV ads or like to attend a call from some random telemarketer? Or can you force people to buy your products and services? Well, the answer is a big NO. The world has become excessively busy and does not like to be annoyed.

UPS Product Managers Experiment With The World Of 3D Printing

When someone mentions UPS to you, what do you generally think of? Probably one of their brown trucks that we see everywhere or perhaps it is one of their delivery employees dressed head-to-toe in their traditional brown uniform. However, this may all be changing. The product managers at UPS believe that they have seen the future and it’s all about 3D printing.

Build Customer Loyalty by Focusing on Needs

Here’s a novel idea: let readers earn rewards points every time they forward a newspaper article to a friend or blog about a story they read in the paper. The points could be redeemed for a panoply of things beyond newspaper subscriptions and free ads, such as to cover eBay seller listing fees, travel incentives, or website design and hosting… the ideas are endless. Papers shouldn’t think about doing it all themselves. Rather, they would form alliances with non-competing service providers to deliver the rewards. Seems like a win-win-win all around.

Is It Advertising?

In broad terms, advertising is buying space in promoted media, or someone else’s space. But what if you wrap your vehicle?

Marketing A Small Business In The Current Era

It’s 2016, and a majority of people are shifting from their regular 9-5 job to opening a business of their own. But only a few of them are able to make it big. For some, opening a business and keeping their clients happy can prove to be challenging. So what are some of the small business strategies that could help newbies establish a long term successful business career? Let’s know further.

Is “Content Marketing” the New “Promised Land”?

Content, Content, Content… it’s the new buzz word in marketing circles these days. Since Social Media isn’t living up to its claims for many companies, they are looking for the new “silver bullet”… which now happens to be “Content Marketing or Content Management.” Is it the new found Promised Land for marketing? I would encourage you to think a bit broader and deeper when it comes to a discussion about Content Marketing. We have to remind ourselves that “Content Marketing” is actually just a “TOOL” with a Bigger Purpose if used correctly. Like many of the other traditional, digital, and social media “tools” already being used, this one can fit into the same category… THINK DIFFERENTLY. Start with the concept that generally, “Marketing ruins everything.” The point I want to make is that when marketing gets a hold of “a new thing (tool)” they tend to do two things to it… over use it and use it incorrectly. Content Marketing probably won’t be any different so it will follow the same path at some point in the future… unless you treat it differently. If you think of Content Marketing as a “tool” you are missing the point and its value.

Ethical Marketing – The Prior Issue

A marketer’s personal ethics sometimes influences the overall ethical policy of the company and vice versa. Let’s take a look at some issues related to Ethical marketing.

Salesforce and Its Integrated Philanthropy Model

We know we’re living in a world where the line between philanthropy and business is being blurred. Fortunes greater than we have ever seen in human history are being made. A lot of it has to do with technology and how we relate and interact with it. One of those companies that many in the business and nonprofit sectors know well is Salesforce.

The Best Event Marketing Strategies

If you are willing to know some of the best event marketing methods, you might search up the internet and know the entire ifs and buts of event marketing and management, but it’s better to understand the experiences first. When it comes to marketing tips for events, you don’t need to follow the old rules that are no longer applied but should go out to search for better experiences to work for your event.

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