Salesforce vs. Hubspot: Which is the Biggest Tech Stack?

Understanding The Holistic Marketing Model

“Holistic Marketing” is defined as the development, design, and implementation of marketing programs and activities that recognize the breadth and interdependence of their effects. The short definition is “In marketing, everything matters.”

Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Sign Writing Company

In the times we live in, nothing lasts forever, quite literally. What we see one moment on the television, or on an advertisement billboard, is forgotten in the next instant. How, then, do you make sure you leave an impression on the minds of people?

Taylor Swift Vs Spotify: A Product Manager Problem

Guess what: we don’t buy music any more. Nope, gone are the days that we’d go out to the store and pay US$15 for the latest album from our favorite artist. iTunes and downloadable music pretty much killed this market. However, it turns out that something brand new has shown up that is killing iTunes and the downloadable music market: Spotify.

7 Approaches To Create Activity On Your Website

Web. Business. Benefit. To completely coordinate these words into a fruitful uniting you will require activity and traffic. Each article you will discover about making your site or organization effective would dependably incorporate the significance of producing movement. In this way, we all realize that in the center of everything, activity is the most key thing to a fruitful web based business organization. Aside from guaranteeing that you have an extraordinary item to offer, and you have your organization’s inner association well taken center of, it would be time to get to the bare essence of things, producing movement.

Three Key Points To A Successful Marketing Message

A successful marketing message is the message that not only carries through and gets heard by the right people, but is also memorable and powerful enough for those people to continue talking about you and thinking about what you said long after you left the room. A good message gets compliments, a great message inspires actions.

Wellness Incentives Are Like Cents-Off Coupons: Good for the First Sale, But Not For Brand Loyalty

I continue to find interesting parallels between my career in advertising and my current involvement with health and well-being improvement. Recently, I’ve written about customer engagement and the lessons that the Mad Men of the past can provide in serving today’s employer and health plan buyers.

Actions That Can Open Up Communication Channels Using Closed Loop Marketing

Not having adequate knowledge to tap into the hundreds of interested parties that come to your website and leave without a word, can mean a tremendous loss to your business from potential sales leads alone. Closed loop marketing can be unimaginably beneficial to your business, giving you vast amounts of data from your inbound marketing channels which allow you to get in touch with each and every one of those interested parties.

Dentists Vs Doctors

Yesterday I had an 8.45am appointment with the Dentist. Definitely not my favourite place to go and definitely not at that time in the morning. My husband and I arrived for our check-ups promptly and at 8.45am exactly I was shown into the chair. After a quick look around and an announcement that everything was fine, I went back out to the waiting room.

The Marketing Formula: EDUCATING Your Prospect Is Key!

What is education in the marketing sense? Is it data sheets, PowerPoint presentations or is it something else? How can your team use education to keep your prospects interested in your organization?

Product Marketing for the 21st Century

Marketing by definition is all about reaching out to the consumers through targeted messages and by positioning the product based on the pricing, promotion, distribution elements of the marketing mix. Further, the marketers must be able to glocalize or adapt the global brands to local conditions to leverage upon the market power of the specific regions and countries. Further, marketers have obligations towards the consumers and hence must follow ethical norms.

Logoed Bottle And Can Koozies For Business Promotions And Trade Shows

Businesses are always on the lookout for unique promotional tools. While many are exploring the field of social media, there are many who still prefer to stick with traditional methods of distributing free goodies to customers. The marketing trick of distributing promotional products is still extremely powerful for the following reasons.

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