SEO Debate: Should You Be Linking Out to Other Websites?

Why Multimedia Is Important in Online Marketing

If we had to pick one word to describe today’s online experience, “dynamic” might be a good choice. Whereas the early days of the web featured mostly static pages with lots of text and not much else, the sites you see now are bursting with information of all kinds, with a lot of two-way interaction and audience engagement and activities. The advent of multimedia, of course, has played a huge and important role in this evolution.

Are You Executing a Modern Direct Mail Campaign?

How do you know if you’re running a “modern” direct mail campaign? Direct mail advertising has been around for about as long as we’ve been mailing letters, but the medium has been constantly evolving in order to remain relevant and successful. But the question remains- Are you running a modern direct mail campaign?

Five Steps to Make Your Website a Client Attraction Magnet

If you want your website content to attract clients, you need to know how to speak their language. Here are five steps that will make your home page a client attraction magnet.

All About the E-Patient Revolution

The growth in information technology has sparked various revolutions. It has led to breakthrough advances in the field of medicine and available treatment options. Patients are now demanding better services as well as hold an expectancy of being a part of the decision making process concerning their health.

How to Overcome Your Fears and Self Sabotage

Could you be experiencing self sabotage? Sometimes as a new business owner gets clear about what they offer and their marketing message, good things start to happen. But then, you might hit a bump in the road where resistance shows up. For example, you might meet prospects who are excited to work with you, but they don’t become clients for a variety of reasons.

Social Media – The Future of Medical Marketing!

A pharmaceutical firm is always concerned about its brand. One needs to know where the brand stands in the market. Do you want to know what people are speaking about your brand?

Take The Guesswork Out Of Business Ownership and Marketing

This article addresses key ways business owners and their marketing team can identify what challenge their product or service is the answer to, what customers have the problem, and how customers make their decisions to buy. The article helps business owners and marketing teams to put proper systems in place to assure that they are reaching the right target audience and building successful marketing campaigns.

Google It

It’s not difficult to find reasons to heap praise upon Google’s assent and reign as one of the world’s preeminent innovation companies. Their tactics – get the marketers and creatives upstream into product development, get out of the way of the product and always look for opportunities to celebrate real human behavior – are simple lessons for all.

4 Steps to Find the Best Virtual Assistant for Your Business

Hiring a virtual assistant (VA) to help you handle tasks that you can delegate is one the best ways to be able to grow your business. Taking this step frees up your time to focus on what you do best and attract more clients. But how do you choose the right VA?

What Is Marketing Strategy For Legal Firms?

What is the best marketing strategy for law firms today? It doesn’t take a lot of marketing savvy to come up with the basic strategies that just about every law firm uses: put up a website, get listed in popular business directories, publish content on social networks, build a mailing list, and get involved in the community. However, the campaigns that get the best results and place the firm at a strategic advantage don’t rely on any single marketing forum. Instead it takes one unique statement to cut through the clutter in the marketplace. To find out how to leverage that one vital piece of information, read on…

Lessons From Gmail – 3 Tips to Improve Your Email Best Practices

If you haven’t heard by now, Gmail is rolling out a major change to how its users receive emails. Basically, Gmail will be sorting emails for their users and putting them in folders for them. Why would Gmail be doing this? I suspect at least part of the reason is because a common complaint from people who have an email address is “too much email.” Read on to learn how Gmail’s new practice could improve the way you currently use email in your marketing.

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