Seth Godin – We should all be in the PEOPLE business

Biz Success = VISIBILITY

VISIBILITY is where your Biz Success begins, how’s yours? Answer the questions below honestly and discover where you are right now in the visibility arena and what you might want to improve.

Borderless Shopping in the 21st Century

Learn the challenges of borderless shopping and how businesses of the 21st Century are meeting them. Partnering with third parties in local countries can help businesses meet the growing demands of international online shopping.

Mobile Marketing: The Future of Your Small Business

Companies focus far too much of their marketing efforts on TV and print ads. Find out why small business owners should shift their focus to mobile marketing.

Steps To Creating An Online Presence For Your Business

If you are a business looking to create an online presence, there are several areas you need to read this article. If you are not clear about these things, false expectations will leave you disappointed.

Why Targeting Your Market Is Essential to Your Business Success

Targeting a specific market allows you to better pinpoint your potential consumers needs and wants. Thus, allowing you to better serve your consumers with products and services designed to solve their problems. Targeting a specific person gives you a better chance at succeeding over your competitors; especially those who are unwilling to take the time to get to know them.

What to Do When Fear Gets in the Way of Taking Action

Recently a student told me how she had a lot of fear about her small business and how to get clients. She had an enormous number of opportunities coming her way, but she felt afraid to take any action. That fear made her feel like a failure and unworthy of such opportunity. As a result she was paralyzed – she couldn’t seem to take the next step on anything.

Standard Components of The Business Letter Nowadays

These are the standard components of a business letter. Today’s business letters may have one or two components missing – or even more. There are some companies that prefer to preserve traditional practices in their business correspondence while other companies will be less stringent on how a letter should be written and presented.

Reasons to Print Custom Playing Cards

A lot of people like to go out and play card games. There are many different types of games that can be played using these.

The Ingredients to a Happy Designer-Client Relationship

A relationship doesn’t always start in a good way. Sometimes, you get off on the wrong foot or your first impression wasn’t how you planned it to be. In the professional arena, you don’t have the leisure to ruin one’s reputation by personal judgment towards others, so in the end we have to always be positive and keep the relations light. Sometimes, designers are thought of as bossy and perfectionists, making the client’s prejudgement a negative one already, so it’s good if you prove them wrong by giving them a good long-lasting professional relationship. This kind of relationship doesn’t just grow on trees– it needs to be honed and taken care of day by day, and it should be done by both parties. The ingredients to a happy relationship between a designer and a client is simple, but it always depends on the person’s willingness to take part in the collaboration.

5 Ways to Market Your Company Online

Online Marketing (or Internet Marketing as some call it) is becoming a powerful force that business owners use to promote and brand their products and services. However, to utilize this force properly a person must be able to successfully market them and be noticed online by search engines and other sites alike. This article will show 5 different ways of doing so.

Referral Marketing – Attract New Customers While Rewarding Existing Clients

Referral Marketing is the marketing art of referring new customers to your business through existing customers. Usually it’s done through word of mouth and through affiliation internet marketing. In this article you can learn how this can benefit your business by attracting new customers while keeping existing clients happy.

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