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Mobile Marketing in a Shinny Object World

Is mobile marketing right for your business? It depends on what your overall strategy is and what type of business your running. Unfortunately today we have seen too often business owners get caught up in a “tool” trap.

Getting Patient Reviews To Stick

It appears that more and more patient reviews are disappearing from Google and other review sites. So here’s the secrets to getting patient reviews to “stick.”Google ain’t no dummy when it comes to seeing what companies are doing to get reviews. You can actually hire a “reputation management” company to write reviews about your practice. How’s that for dishonest and ethical? The problem they run into is this.

Shifting to a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy

In today’s hypercompetitive world, the four P’s are no longer an effective model to penetrate and exist in a market. Through the power of mass media, channels and technology, the control has slowly shifted from marketers to consumers. This is where ‘customer-centric marketing’ comes into existence which is now considered as the new model for marketing effectiveness.

Cheap Business Cards Made of Plastic

A business card is very useful to us especially if we want to advertise our companies and the things it has to offer while introducing who we are as well. These things I have mentioned can be done by simply offering them cheap business cards made of plastic which contain important details about ourselves like our name and contact details.

Are Your Social Media Expectations Unrealistic?

Social media is a crucial part of any marketing program. However, too many business owners don’t pay it the respect it deserves, due from lack of understanding, and have unrealistic expectations. Learn why you need to delve deeper and manage your expectations appropriately.

Does Your Public GET Your Message?

With Twitter’s new changes your social media strategy may be lagging behind. See what a new analysis done by Diffbot says as to what you should be tweeting in order to get your message to your public.

Branding and Packaging: Your Formula to Successful Target Marketing

We often strive to be very careful about how we create and deliver our product and/or services to our clientele, often focusing on different factors that would ensure that they are at par with their expectations. However, one of the most important factors-that could help propel our business and thus create more revenue for us-is brand marketing, which sometimes gets overlooked. Yes, we could provide quality product and services, but without projecting the right image, we would never be able to reach out to people we could cater to.

Identifying Strategic Priorities for Market Leadership Planning

Articles identifies the three focus areas where strategic priorities need to be identified. Strategic priorities need to be identified in relation to strategy, finance and capabilities, with strategy being the driving component.

Mobile Marketing Helps Food Waste

Grocers mobile marketing campaigns can put a large dent in one of the worst problems we have today. The wasted food problem that we have today is staggering costing billions annually. Read on to find out one of the problems with our current advertising systems…

4 Tips to Successful Infomercial Marketing

Many business owners think that infomercial marketing is very cut and dry, but with such a broad base for advertising, there is much you can do to draw in the customers. Gone are the days of cheesy infomercials that just make people want to cringe. Today even big brands like Microsoft or Apple are turning to infomercial marketing, and it’s not because they have the desire to turn out cheesy television programs.

Marketing Challenges of Small Business and Medium Enterprises (SME)

First and foremost businesses must recognise that marketing is business development. Effective marketing is all about recognition and complete understanding of your target market and the environment of your potential customers. There are no silver bullets or secrets for successful marketing. Do not be misled by marketing gurus that promote marketing secrets that can only be gained by attending their pricey workshops and seminars. Marketing principles are well known and established. What businesses need to do is achieve better marketing results by using direct response offers to promote and build their business. In this article we will tackle three of the most difficult small business and medium enterprises marketing challenges, namely: (1) Finding new clients and customers, (2) Using engaging marketing messages that generate results, and, (3) Implementing business oriented marketing systems…

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