Short-Form Content Is The Gateway To Long-Form Content – Grow With Video 2022

The Secret To Generating New Customers At Will

Discover the biggest stumbling block between your business, and potential new customers. Learn to build trust, lower the barrier to generate a sale, and build a long-term stream of new customers.

Effective Marketing Strategies for Healthcare

In just like any other business sector, marketing is an important feature of the healthcare industry. Name any medical specialty and you will not be surprised to find that they require full time working marketing strategies to be successful. Most doctors would agree that attracting new patients and retaining the current ones is the key to running a booming practice.

Business Card Scanning

People are always looking for new and unusual ways of marketing and these days gaining information on people they can use. This could be for email marketing, advertising through the mail or via the phone, but a new phenomenon spreading across marketing circles is using business cards. We tell you how you can take advantage.

Top 3 SEO Tips for Maximizing Your Websites Reach Online

When it comes to good Search Engine Optimization practice, it is important to understand that the days of injecting your websites content with as many HOT keywords as possible are gone. Google, Bing and Yahoo ranks are also based on the quality of the content that you have to offer your audience and the amount of attention you have received over social networks and in reputable blog communities.

SEO for Large Enterprise

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a challenging and dynamic field regardless of the client. However, working with large enterprise brings with it a new set of headaches. Not only is an SEO specialist required to keep abreast of the constant developments in the field, but in an enterprise situation, they are working with a large organization that does not have a single decision maker. This can make the process of achieving change very slow. As such, many SEO specialists who work with large enterprise see their recommendations become outdated before they are ever instituted. The following tips can help you as an SEO specialist navigate the special challenges of working with large enterprises.

Corporate Events, Online or Live?

Nothing beats attending a Corporate Event, whether it be a race day, football match or specialized marketing event. Sometime, however, it is impossible to attend live so we now have the ability to attend “online”. If this is all you can do to watch the event do so, but nothing, and I mean nothing beats being there in person.

How Can Social Media Aid Your Sales Lead Generation Campaign?

Sales lead generation work requires that you involve all marketing tools available, but how can social media marketing help in generating B2B leads? Read on to learn more.

The Right Colors for Your Business

Choosing the right colors for your small business can be important decision. Get it right and you can help create a consistent and professional image. Get it wrong and you can confuse and even alienate customers.

5 Goals and Objectives for Every Business Blog

I want to take a little time looking at five goals and objectives that every business blog should strive to include. My recommendation, while you read this article, is to pick two of the five pointers and jot them down on post-it notes. Keep those in front of you when you next sit down to write your blog, these handy post-it notes will remind you “this is my purpose in blogging.

5 Reasons Why Visual Marketing Is a Must for Every Business

Visual marketing has had a little renaissance in recent months, with facebook moving to the new timeline and the emergence of Pinterest and Instagram, the continuing force of YouTube, visual marketing has now moved to the forefront of marketing strategies. Why? Visuals grabs your audience’s attention, it’s quick and easy to consume, it’s shareable, and is often a quick replacement for businesses with time-restraints to create content. Types of visual marketing that are shareable: MeMes, Infographics, Photos, Videos, Visual note taking

How to Align Your Purpose With Your Business

Today’s topic is about aligning your business with your life purpose. What I see every once in a while is a business owner who has had great results for a while and then begins to lose traction or begins to stay at the same level for a few months or a few years, without continuing to grow. Or perhaps it is a business owner – maybe even you – who has become bored with their business. Maybe you don’t jump out of bed anymore to go and grow it.

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