#Shorts: 1 Marketing Hack to Get in Front of Thousands of People

Meet Them Where They Are

Salespeople are as individual as snowflakes. The way they communicate, sell, and build relationships is equally unique. If you want to lead them, you have to meet them where they are.

Now What?

Have you ever walked out of a sales meeting feeling that it went really well? You had a great conversation, they seemed very interested. However, afterwards you couldn’t get the prospect to return your phone call? It leaves you scratching your head and wondering what’s going on.

How to Demonstrate Appreciation at Every Stage of the Client Relationship

An important part of client attraction involves knowing how to make your current clients feel special. There’s a concept I really like by Joe Polish and Dean Jackson, my friends and brilliant marketers. They think beyond attracting clients to keeping your current clients happy and then staying in touch after your work has been completed.

A Candy Bar Teaches Product Managers Lessons About Redesigning Product Packaging

Imagine for just a moment that you were the product manager who was in charge of a candy bar. Let’s say that that candy bar had been invented a long time ago, say 1920 or so, and its packaging was starting to look old. This was never part of your product development definition. How would you go about updating your product’s “look”?

Out-Of-Home Medical Marketing – A New Revolution

‘Out-of-home medical marketing’ is the latest way to showcase your products. It is the best tool for designing an effective medical communication strategy. Just as the name suggests, it relates to every form of marketing that the target consumer comes across when he or she is “on the go”.

Oyster Card Wallets – Don’t Miss This Marketing Opportunity!

These days if you live and work in London then the chances are you have an Oyster card – Well, so do millions of other people and Oyster card wallets are seen by millions of pairs of eyes every day. We’ve done it with shopping bags, we’ve done it with presentation folders and now it’s time for Oyster card wallets to become a powerful marketing tool too! So if you want to use Oyster card wallets to promote your business then read on to find out how.

What a Marketing Consultant Can Tell You About Creating Your Point of Difference

Every business needs to have a point of difference, sometimes referred to as a Unique Selling Point (USP). Without something to make you stand out from the crowd, your business is likely to get lost in the general background noise of other similar businesses competing for attention. As any marketing consultant will tell you, determining the point of difference is a challenge for many businesses. Competing on price is not generally a viable idea, so how do you find the one particular thing that sets your business apart from the rest?

What Does Your Customer Want?

How can you marketing to your customers if you don’t know what they want? This article looks at customer research and how to go about it effectively.

Personalized Pens to Boost Business Visibility

The competition in every field is becoming intense with each passing day. Business owners are striving hard to impress their potential patrons. Marketing is the key element to shoot up the graphs of any business.

Transition From Volume to Value Based Medical Marketing

The need for an integrated healthcare delivery process and its success is being defined by emptier hospital beds and a much healthier population. This is much different than the healthcare scenarios of the 90’s.

Why People Really Buy

Every one knows people buy for their reasons not yours. But no one really tells you exactly what those reasons are. Until now that is…

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