#Shorts: 3 Major Changes to the LinkedIn Algorithm

Give an Unreasonable Guarantee

Give a rock-solid, iron-clad, easy-to-invoke, no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee. The purpose of your guarantee is to reverse the risk to the customer. Instead of the customer taking the risk, now it’s you that takes the risk.

What Is Blogging? Start Your Own Blog And Get Paid

Ever wonder why everyone seems to be addicted to the internet these days? It has to do with the variety of information available. Everyone has interests and everyone wants to learn more about it. This makes the internet and in particular the free flowing methods of a blog ideal for marketing.

Pacing And Build Rapport With Your Target Audience Through Your Content To Easily Sell Stuff

Well of course you don’t really need much rapport to shop for stuff on eBay or Amazon or anything when you’re already looking for a particular thing. Or do you? The thing is nowadays, most people don’t always buy from anyone and anywhere. No matter how good your marketing is, converting your potential buyers into sales can be an entirely different game to play. This is especially true when making money online. With physical products and information products, the same principles apply. So why do we need to build rapport with our target audience? The simple reason is mainly that we tend to buy from who we trust.

Building Your Niche With Effective Strategies

Developing marketing strategies offers many benefits than you can imagine. These can help identify proper brand positioning for business growth. Read on to know more about these techniques and their benefits.

The Importance of a Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is hugely popular right now. You’ve probably noticed your Google search results are full of them, which is why so many companies are now producing videos. They can be a powerful way of attracting new clients, but only if you have a clear strategy in place. This article looks at what your strategy should cover and how to get started.

Putting a Friendlier Face on Marketing

Marketing. Not usually the favourite subject for entrepreneurs and other creative types. But it’s the lifeblood of your business, your career and essentially, your livelihood.

Affiliate Marketing Online – Few Tips To Help You Succeed

The main goal on any affiliate marketing efforts is a long-term success. But is you jump in, without any prior knowledge or a clear plan you will likely fail. I have a few tips for you today, to prevent this from happening.

Why Brands Need to Embrace Consumers Creativity

The role of brands in the frontline of consumerism is changing as consumers are looking for ownership and customisation. Understanding how people use your brand is paramount to steer the direction of your brand’s development and the level of engagement with your consumers.

Don’t Let the Looming Tax Increases Push Your Business Over the Cliff

2013 promises higher taxes on everyone, especially business owners. Regardless whether Washington comes to some agreement, there are too many tax increases on the table (see list in article) to believe all will be rejected. Is your business poised to maneuver this financial cliff to ensure you remain competitive and growing? See what you can do to position yourself and minimize your tax liability for 2013.

Six Ways to Use Membership Programs As a Marketing Tool

In busi­ness, some com­pa­nies are using mem­ber­ship mar­ket­ing as a way to keep clients engaged and reward them for their loy­alty. Here’s how you – as a busi­ness owner – can take advan­tage of a mem­ber­ship program.

Using Promotional Business Christmas Gifts to Help Further a Business

When it comes to Christmas, the best policy for a business is to give the business employees a nice Christmas present. This is to show them how much the company has appreciated what their workers have done that year.

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