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Top 3 Video Marketing Myths That’s Blocking Sales From Many Small Businesses

Most people have witnessed how powerful video marketing is. But still many neglect, delay and even ignore video marketing. I’ve found these 3 myths as the culprit in most cases. See what they are and how to overcome them.

Telemarketing And Referrals: Two Forces That Can Generate Lots Of Qualified Leads

There are many ways that any company in any industry especially those that are dealing with b2b or business to business transactions and making waves with other big-time companies in gathering more and more customers. An IT company for example should consider the fact that in order to gather more and more customers, they need to do more than one thing in realizing this kind of goal. B2B telemarketing and and referrals are two common marketing ways to generate IT b2b sales leads.

Email: The Electronic Ball and Chain for Business Owners

Emails mean different things to different people. Some people enjoy getting them as they might mean it’s from a new customer. On the other hand, some people might hate getting them because they are reminded about an overdue bill. No matter if you love or hate getting them, emails are necessary. The way of the pen and paper has gone.

Be Mindful of the Law When Blogging for Business

Social media, by nature, tend to be more open with information and more candid with opinions. Blogs are no exception. Consequently and not surprisingly, the number of blog-related lawsuits has increased dramatically since the first one was filed in 2005. If you currently blog for business or are planning to start, these tips can help.

Display Rental Options for Trade Shows

For the next trade show, be sure you select the right display rental that gives your product or service the edge. Sometimes, it is not easy to choose one that can fill all of your needs, but some providers can meet all demands.

Key Ways to Promote Your Mobile Wedding Makeup Business

You may love your work as a makeup artist but unless you become good at marketing and promoting your skills and your business you won’t have enough clients to continue. Let’s look at a few ways to tell the world about your skills.

5 Tried and Tested Ways to Promote Your Mobile Wedding Makeup Artist Business

To become a successful mobile wedding makeup artist you need to become skilled at promoting you and your business. Here are 5 ways you may or may not have heard ot to get the word out.

Use YouTube to Advertise For Free

In my marketing and advertising mind, YouTube is one of the greatest inventions of the modern age. YouTube has several advantages over most forms of publicity. First off, YouTube is flexible; you can use it for traditional advertising where you are directly selling a product.

Why “Do” Local SEO? Answer: To Get More Visibility, More Leads and More Business!

SEO, or search engine optimization, can help businesses improve their rankings on major search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing. Local SEO is the process of registering your business with as many local search engines as possible so that your company can be found by potential customers within a certain geographic area. Making sure your business appears properly on those local search pages is critical to your firm being found by those potential customers.

Drip Marketing Systems For Success

Drip marketing is something every entrepreneur and small business owner should be doing and if you have a system in place for your drip marketing it will be much more successful. Increase your business profits by learning the key steps to drip marketing.

Are You Communicating With Your Target Audience? 3 Online Networking Opportunities To Consider

Marketing opportunities are abound in the digital realm. Whether it be a PPC campaign, banner ads, or content marketing, it is important to research and evaluate all forms of online networking and marketing opportunities to help your client or business reach their target demographic.

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