#Shorts: Create Better Marketing Reports On Demand with This One Tool

Stand Out to Sell More

So many times salespeople and small business owners develop a sales process that is more about system than about connection. In my estimation there are many problems with this. We are experiencing a hyper-competitive economy right now. That is not likely to change any time soon.

Banner Stands: The Basis of Successful Signage

Many companies invest a large amount of design time and money in their signage, but it’s all for nothing if the stand displaying it isn’t just as innovative and dependable. Banner stands are the foundation of successful signage and the right type can save a company time, energy and sales.

Developing a Program to Sell Promotional Products

If you are in the business of selling marketing services, promotional products should be a key element to the offerings you provide your clients. Items such as embroidered apparel, T-shirts, and custom imprinted giveaways like pens and magnets fall under this category. Developing a program with your client to decide upon the best way to spend their marketing dollars will take a little bit of research on your part, but could in turn be a profitable arrangement for both sides of the deal.

Resistance to Change – Why It’s Time to Start Saying “Yes”

On occasion, clients tell me they have resistance to change. This holds them back from taking steps that would help them market their businesses better, grow faster and experience greater success.

Holiday-Themed Custom Lapel Pins Make Your Independence Day Celebration a Hit

Lapel pins make for wonderful promotional items during the 4th of July celebrations. For retailers, festivals and more, you can spread the word affordably with custom designs.

The Power of Trade Show SWAG: The Thinking or Lack of It of Trade Show Giveaways

SWAG or trade show giveaways can aid in getting attendees to stop by your booth and initiate discussions, but the main purpose is to remind attendees about your booth and product/service after the show. Some over-think it while some pay no attention to it at all. Here are the most common groups with regard to choosing a giveaway and tips to more effectively use the power of SWAG.

The Importance of Hospital Marketing

It should come as no surprise that people’s preference in hospitals is not at the top of their list of concerns. Most people don’t sit around pondering where they’d like to go if they had a heart attack or needed knee surgery. But when people do have health problems that need treatment, you absolutely want your hospital to be – and stay – at the top of their minds.

Marketing for Banks Through Exceptional Annual Reports

Due to regulatory requirements, banks need to produce and release a bank annual report each year, which undoubtedly entails an ample amount of time, money and stress. So why not put all your effort to extra beneficial use and treat your annual report as a practical bank marketing tool, drawing something back to your bank in return? Customarily, bank annual reports include such content as financial details, balance sheets, and CEO’s and chairperson’s reports.

How to Use Your Hospital Newsletter for Healthcare Marketing

Many healthcare organizations publish newsletters to share announcements and health tips with patients and the community. While this is a great way to get information to the public, a hospital newsletter can also play a role in your healthcare marketing strategy. Whether you publish a newsletter monthly, quarterly or on some other schedule, use each issue as an opportunity to enforce your brand, connect with patients, and attract new and repeat patients.

Marketing for Hospital Success

Marketing for hospitals can be tricky. Today, the healthcare market is extremely competitive-a variety of options, providers and services are available to patients. And more so than ever, the average patient is a value-conscious consumer that makes educated choices based on their options.

Tablecloths As A Marketing Tool

Be it a simple get together with friends or a large scale trade show, tables are furniture items which find a great deal of use in all types of situations. The appearance of a table can have a significant impact on the impression you are trying to make. Tables are not only excellent additions to the furniture because of their contribution to the overall ambiance, but due to their impressive utility as well.

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