#Shorts: Did Google’s May 2022 Update Effect AI Generated Content?

3 Keys to Marketing In a New Economy

SALES IN A NEW ECONOMY. It has been said: “Nothing happens till there is a Sale”-it is the 2nd oldest profession! Capitalism and the Free Enterprise System are all based on sales and selling. Nothing happens till there is a sale. A sale is the foundation of our economy and the core of the free market system. Old Practices and “business as usual” are NOT working. The “good old boy network” is not so good today! We must work harder AND smarter if we want to survive. Things are really spooky and scary… What will we do going forward? How will YOU change and adapt to this “New Economy?” Here are 3 keys to your success.

Increase Profits: Target Your Marketing Dollars

Are you throwing your marketing dollar at a huge wall and hoping something will stick? Well you are not only, finding your target market is one of the biggest mistakes that professionals make in business. If you want to increase income profits, the best thing you can do is narrow your focus. It does not matter if you are coaching coaches or working in a automotive shop, targeting clients can increase income fast.

How to Work From Your Strengths

Today’s topic is about working only from your strengths. I work with all sorts of entrepreneurs: people who are just ramping up their business, people who are looking to have massive leverage in their business and people who play a really bigger game – visionaries who are creating a legacy.

How Can Mobile Web Applications Service Providers Generate Qualified B2B Sales Leads

Sometimes, getting qualified B2B leads can be hard for your web application firm. Still, if you know where to look in your operation, you can make it more productive.

Develop Great Ideas For Referral Marketing Ploys

Marketers try to improve and increase their business by spending time pondering, inquiring from consumers and strategising to come up with good results. It would help to use a few marketing ideas with referrals for increasing marketing strengths and promoting customer base with great business opportunities.

Customised Ring Binders: Marketing At Its Purest

With all the focus on internet marketing these days, it is easy to forget the excellent possibilities presented by more traditional methods. One of these is found in customised ring binders, which still provide companies of all sizes with numerous possibilities for marketing and branding.

The XanGo Business Opportunity

XanGo is a multi-level marketing business opportunity based of Utah. This network marketing start-up is most well know for its marquee product XanGo Juice. This unique juice is a health promoting supplement that is formulated using various parts of the mangosteen plant. The xanthones produced by the mangosteen fruit are thought to be incredibly beneficial to human health in various ways. Because extracts of this superfruit are considered to be so beneficial, this multi-level marketing business has thrived.

How Telemarketing Uses Alternatives To Deal With Bad Gatekeepers

There never seems to be an end to the war between telemarketers and gatekeepers. On the other hand, demonizing only one side is unfair when the other has its own bad habits. For telemarketers, an effective way to deal with these bad gatekeepers is use alternative means of communication.

Free Contact List? There Will Always Be A Catch

Some contact lists are free, but there will always be a catch. Furthermore, these are not even unreasonable or shady. The limitations of free lists only go to demonstrate that there really is no such thing as a free lunch.

The Mobile Revolution – Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Website and How to Optimize It

The use of the mobile web by consumers is expanding geometrically and businesses need to know how to meet this avalanche of consumers on their terms. Learn the best practices for a functional mobile website. Beyond engaging new customers, the total impact of a mobile-friendly website and solid mobile strategy on your existing customer base is huge.

How to Add Value to Your Photography

With all the competition in the photography industry these days it’s more important than ever to demonstrate the value of your craft. This does not mean lowering your prices, quite the opposite in fact. This article provides some ideas on how add value to your service and make it more apparent to prospective clients.

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