#Shorts: Economic Recession? Here’s Why That May Not All Be A Bad Thing

Still Doing It Without a Marketing Plan?

Many of my new clients tell me they either don’t do any marketing, or do ‘some’, but nothing consistently. This is especially surprising to me for businesses that have been around for more than five years. But then I still run into prospects who don’t have a website and wonder why they aren’t more successful Online.

How to Market an OB/GYN Practice Successfully

Marketing an OB/GYN practice is a sensitive subject considering the issues involved in it. OB/GYN marketing is distinctive in nature as the target audience is specific and the topic can be a little bit insubstantial. The reason why OB/GYN marketing is different from other practice’s marketing is that women are uncomfortable discussing their issues in the open.

Medical Marketing Can Improve Your Patients Lives

A health care provider’s main goal should always be focused on providing high quality service to patients. After all, we are talking about someone’s health. Second to that, a clinics goal should be to attract as many patients as possible so that others can experience the great services you are providing at your practice.

Marketing Lessons You Can Take Away From the Obama Victory

Many lessons can be learned from the 2012 presidential campaign, one of the most contentious in recent history. While the ’08 presidential election proved the power of social media on a grand scale, ’12 was more about messaging and strategy – specifically, about getting those elements right. The Obama camp obviously hit the ball out of the park, while the Romney team seemed to have more misses, more errors and fewer hits.

The Final Word On Mobile Marketing!

“Everyone says I need a mobile website! Why?” “Everyone says I need my own smartphone app! Why????”

4 Ways To Use A Mobile App Whatever Your Industry

If you’re relatively new to mobile apps, you might be thinking “what does a mobile app actually do?” or “how can I use an app?”. If that’s you, then I hope to clear the muddy water a bit…

3 Marketing Strategies to Stretch Your Dollar

A business marketing strategy can help determine the best use of resources. This article offers three marketing suggestions to increase traffic and increase sales.

Results! 7 Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Get Creative With Your Marketing RIGHT NOW

Wondering why all your marketing efforts aren’t getting the results you want? It may be a lack of creativity. Juice up your marketing with these 7 tips.

How To Talk to Women (And Why Your Marketing Has To)

Recently, I spoke to a group of business owners about how men and women make buying decisions very differently. I told this kind-of-funny story about the couple shopping for a BMW 540i: After months of research, this particular couple finally found their dream car.

From Floundering to Fabulous: 3 Tips to Great Marketing That Attracts More Clients

I was out on Saturday evening for sushi after the spa with a girlfriend (it’s a popular Saturday evening ritual), and the savvy waiter (savvy because she knows my girlfriend and I are marketing experts) requests us to take a look at her massage therapy “promotional flyer” and provide our feedback. Well…

Getting Into Your Customers’ Heads

Do you REALLY know who your current customers are? Do you know what their interests are? Can you identify the websites they visit? Do know which online groups they belong to? Do you know what social media sites they visit the most?

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